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Our Salesforce AppExchange Products


We help our clients to improve and grow

Our Quality Assurance service is available at any point in the development process, as well as technical support and maintenance.


The efficiency of companies grows because of CRM solutions of our developers. We work on both process, automatization and reaching bent new clients. You can enjoy the usage of a cloud-based CRM for your business and out team will help you with whole process.

Custom Applications

Our developers specialize in creating custom apps which are conformed to solve various tasks depends on user experience to increasing business productivity in general.

Medical Care

This CRM will help you to interact with patients, as well as routine workflow. It will be done in most appropriate way for you. The team has a lot of skills and knowledge in building top-flight apps in this area of activity.


We create CRM for multiple manufacturing enterprises to improve their productivity and stimulate itse future progress. Our professional consultants will help you to solve every issue. No matter from which industry you are.


Start Working with Peeklogic

If you are trying to find Certified Salesforce Development company, then here we are! Peeklogic is an experienced company in this field with lots of successful cases in the bag.

User care

We care about user experience and accessible tools, because of that we create unique solutions;


Our team includes only professional developers. Our Account Manager provides constant support and guidance in any project;

Variety of choices

We offer our customers flexible solutions and a wide range of options to choose from;


We always follow all the guidelines and standards required in coding;


Salesforce features and Salesforce app development created by our team can be easily combined with other codes and interfaces;

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Why Us

We are Certified Salesforce Development Partner

Engaging a number one Salesforce Development company like Peeklogic with certified Salesforce development consultants that have a wealth of experience will add immediate value. Salesforce.com may be a powerful and sophisticated Salesforce app utilized by thousands of organizations across the world to increase their sales, drive marketing effectiveness and automate their support processes. With the benefit of customization, a large number of third-party applications and therefore the continuous stream of latest features if are often overwhelming to stay up.
That’s where we can help. Our Salesforce development services consultants live and breathe Salesforce so you don’t have to.

We can improve your business process

We help the bulk of our customers because their initial setup didn't maximize their investment and therefore the system isn't meeting expectations. Our team of certified Salesforce developers will help you achieve cleaner more organized data, automate your workflow process, extend mobile capabilities and utilize enhanced analytics to show your executive team the added benefit from your Salesforce roll-out. We can create that Salesforce app which will make your business easier to regulate.

We Care

One of our first steps in any integration is to concentrate to our client and to figure closely with them throughout the project. Nobody know your client better then you! This ensures that the client has maximum involvement throughout the whole process providing a customized, holistic approach that drives the utmost value. Our staff of experienced Salesforce developers include business analysts, solution architects, development experts and quality assurance professionals. Our Projects are completed faster and done right the primary time!

We Focus on Clean Data

The information in your CRM is used to form business decisions and to support process automation. If the info surfaced in reports and dashboards and used for process automation is bad, then poor decisions are made and automatic processes are less effective..

We Have Strong Industry Expertise

Our customers are all sizes across all industries like high-tech, financial services, healthcare professional services, distribution, and retail.

We Use Proven Methodologies

Successful CRM implementations aren’t just about the software. 5 years of leading Salesforce development is embedded in our greatest practice methodologies.

We make it simple

Customers work with Peeklogic because they like our straight talk approach to business. We mention business opportunities and the way to extend productivity and grow top line sales. once you choose us, you'll get a far better experience, using expert Salesforce consultants who will deliver on time and within budget.

Your opinion is very important to us

We are proud to supply professional Salesforce CRM development from the very initial point and up to the top of production.

Dmitri K

Peeklogic are great professionals always willing to go an extra mile to ensure quality and timely delivery. They are true experts in Salesforce development and configuration too with great attention to details. I highly recommend Peeklogic team to anyone who need help in their Salesforce projects!

Stratten W
New York

Peeklogic team is absolutely phenomenal to work with. They combine a deep understanding of the SF platform with experience in various industries.

At this point I have worked with Peeklogic team on a number of projects and I could not recommend them more for anyone needing SF development work.

Pavlo K

Salesforce CRM is the future of business. We boast an excellent reputation in this field and work with a wide selection of Salesforce development tools. Our team has already solved multiple project possible.

Lucus V
North Carolina

Peeklogic, LLC successfully increased sales at all levels of the company. Using a semi-agile methodology, Peeklogic nimbly and proactively developed solutions. They moved resources to accommodate all changes in plan...

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About us

We help our clients to improve and grow

The main goal of the Peeklogic team is to enhance your business by improving the UX/UI design and general efficiency of your Salesforce apps. We use our own development strategies and effective methods to build custom applications. Peeklogic also helps to configure, modernize and customize your apps.

In addition, we can incorporate the ERP system modules in an already created Salesforce system.

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Scale your Business with Peeklogic

Peeklogic has been in business since 2015 and is a fast-growing IT services and leading Salesforce Development company that offers a wide array of solutions starting from strategy consulting right through to implementing IT solutions.

Our Business and IT consulting services are designed for smaller business that are looking forward for single advisory assignments and enormous businesses that needs full scale integration projects which supports your continuous planning and functioning process in the majority of the levels.

Peeklogic can be a dedicated IT consultant capable of ensuring the transformation of your business vision and strategy into an effective implementation that can really transform your business. Business transformations for your customers are enabled by delivering targeted offerings in each and every step of your journey. The approach followed by us includes a mix of rapid iteration and therefore the best practice uses to ensure success is achieved within weeks and not months.

We assist you utilize most out of the investment made in technology without losing sight of even the tiniest details We invest time to understand you and your business process and style the approach that aligns together with your technology solution vision and objectives.

We’ll assist you to become more Agile, efficient, and responsive by empowering your Salesforce platform.

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Why Our Clients Choose Us
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We are proud to offer professional Salesforce CRM development from the very initial point and up to the end of production.