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Services for the development of sales personnel

Peeklogic offers a wide range of Salesforce Development services to meet the changing requirements of your business. With our team of Salesforce experts, we can help you understand and create solutions to your specific business needs, by using our extensive knowledge of Salesforce customization and expansion with Apex, Visualforce and Lightning.

Full-cycle salesforce development services

This is where we start when we create a custom application for internal use. First, we do individual or group interviews with interested parties to gather or find out their needs. Then, we will interpret the requirements, including those that contradict each other and prioritize them in an effort to ensure that the most relevant functionality is provided first. Finally, in a detailed presentation, we will outline the priority business, functionality and system requirements, and finalize the alignment of business and application visions. Our BA team can keep in touch with the client throughout the entire project to keep up with changing or evolving requirements.

When building an AppExchange solution, demand analysis is the very first step we take. We review our customers' needs, test them for consistency, create and develop the most efficient ways to address them. This helps us make the future application effective and compatible with the Salesforce security system and standards.

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Ongoing Developments

UI/UX design.
We made the Salesforce application user-friendly and quick to respond to changes by mapping user journeys and creating a preview of the application's usability interface.

Salesoforce Development
Development. We create high-end applications in small iterations to give functions as they are prioritized. To stay flexible and adapt quickly to new or evolving customer requirements, we start with basic, ready-to-use functions. In this way, we can quickly provide other functions by including them at the request by end users or by product owners. This lets users start using the product as quickly as possible and take up new features immediately after as soon installation (new features are usually added every 2-4 weeks after receiving).

When it comes to creating small programs, we provide fast, real-time service that best fits the scale and purpose of the program.

Salesforce QA
Ensuring quality. We have a range of quality assurance measures, like unit tests and code reviews by Salesforce designers, to ensure the excellence and consistency of our Salesforce applications. We provide continuous testing as we develop, such as performance and integration testing (if necessary). In testing, we use appropriate proficiency automation level to speed up application delivery and reduce errors to a very small extent.

Required integration.
We link custom indoor applications with third party software such as content management systems, or with standard Salesforce integration tools, or custom integration tools designed from scratch.

Why Our Clients Choose Us


Educating users.
We deliver training content and hands-on training for users to increase responsiveness of internal user applications.

We link custom indoor applications with 3rd party software such as media management systems, whether with the standard Salesforce software or custom integration tools designed right from scratch.

Salesforce User Training
User Training. Tutorials and workshops are available for end users to enhance responsiveness of custom indoor applications.

We provide end user with training materials and workshops to help improve the internal adaptation of user applications.

When we launch custom indoor applications, we transfer the tested user program to the UAT (User Acceptance Testing) framework. When the client accepts software, it is moved to the manufacturing environment and is made available to the end customers.

When an application is launched on the AppExchange, we pay attention to security for the AppExchange, meaning that we can provide end user and administrator with application related security documentation, and submit it to the security department of Salesforce products. They also provide login credentials for Lightning Platform org and any outside components or functions that were used to make the software.

Support after startup.
We provide post-launch support for custom indoor apps for 1-3 months after startup. We customize the functions of the program and take steps to help users adapt beyond training.

Salesforce Development Services

Custom Salesforce Development Services aligning with Salesforce Best Practices

Salesforce Project Management

We combine our Project Management and Salesforce Customizations experience which leads to project success.

Salesforce App Development

We perform custom Salesforce Development aligning with Salesforce Best Practices, and follow Agile methodology to exclude security issues and minimize risks.

Salesforce Integrations

Peeklogic team integrates various apps with Salesforce CRM to make your business flows time- and cost-efficient

Salesforce Dedicated Team

Providing services in Salesforce Consulting, Integration, App Development, Project Management and Quality Control in various industries like Health Care, Marketing, Recreative, Automotive, Finance.

Salesforce Pardot

Pardot Marketing Automation implementation and cinsulting. Integration with your Salesforce environment

Salesforce QA

Combined quality assurance experience with experience in Salesforce Customizing is a key success factor for deliverability of highest quality product.


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