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The Development of Salesforce AppExchange Apps

Boasting 10-year experience in CRM development, the Peeklogic team harnesses its skills for creating Salesforce apps. They can be successfully applied in various spheres such as economics, medicine, manufacturing, telecommunications, and many others.


What is Salesforce AppExchange?

AppExchange is the marketplace for all things of Salesforce, including apps, Lightning components, Flow solutions and more. It’s like a utility market where based on the demand, you can use the utility based on vertical business requirements. It’s the official Salesforce store. Many Developers are creating solutions and services on top of Salesforce and then there are people such as the admins, developers and others who use AppExchange to make processes more efficient and teams more productive.

AppExchange holds almost all cloud application solution which can be used in respective of the problem solving or increase functional scope.

Every industry has unique needs. The capabilities of a healthcare clinic are different than those of media outlets. You can find Solutions made by experts in these industries:

  • Communications
  • Education
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Nonprofits
  • Professional services
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Travel, transportation and hospitality

Salesforce AppExchange App Development Strategy:

Before finding the solution to the problem, the customer should be aware of the requirement. What is he actually looking for? These are some key points which will play an important role in making the decision.

  • Solution – What kind of solution you are looking for. It’s a functional enhancement, or lightning web component or 3rd party service or consultation needs to be decided.
  • Functionality –What does the solution need to do? Which of these features are must-haves and which nice-to-haves like add-on functionality?
  • Budget – This is the most important because what preferred pricing customer is looking for. Salesforce AppExchange supports both one-time payments and subscriptions.
  • Consultants – Consultants are specialists with in-depth industry knowledge and proven Salesforce expertise. When customer needs extra help on your Salesforce projects, they can help.

Salesforce AppExchange also suggests a package solution that is more suitable for the organization. This will also help to make a more accurate design.

When you decide to go with any of the applications or solutions, you should pay attention on the next items:

  • Listing summary section
  • Overview
  • Adoption Dashboard
  • Review
  • Free Trial or Paid
  • Documentation

Which AppExchange Salesforce Applications Can We Develop?

All our Salesforce AppExchange apps are highly efficient and have zero defects. The main goals are to promote sales, streamline marketing efforts and enhance customer experience. As a result, we develop apps meeting both internal requirements of a particular business and versatile AppExchange targets.

The first type includes two kinds of AppExchange apps: simple ones aimed only at fulfilling certain usual Salesforce tasks, such as document production, and more complicated apps, which deal with sophisticated assignments like property administration.
The second type is more appropriate for IT companies. It includes apps for AppExchange designed to serve as an income source and also applications developed for combining company products with Salesforce.


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Our Stages of Developing

When building an AppExchange solution, demand analysis is the very first step we take

Approaches to Salesforce AppExchange Apps Development

Salesforce applications for internal necessities should provide for an effective project administration approach while apps for AppExchange need to be developed with well-arranged technical management. In the first case, clients’ needs are thoroughly discussed and determined for their future fulfilling. We are as flexible as possible at every phase of the application creating process.
In the second case, we carefully stick to a timeline and budget as well as anticipate possible risks during the whole process. As a result, we are able to create a perfect product without defects within the given timeframe. The developed app for Salesforce AppExchange is fully compliant with both client’s needs and Salesforce technical conditions.

Delivery Based on Requirements for Salesforce AppExchange Developer

If a certain niche application should be developed for fulfilling some assignments in a narrow range of tasks, we can do it quickly and without any faults. For building full-scale applications, we apply an iterative method. It means that we create a basic AppExchange app that is possible to use at the early stages of process. Then all necessary components, options, and functions are gradually added.
Quality-Oriented Approach and Further Support
Each and every Salesforce application developed by Peeklogic for AppExchange is characterized by the highest level of quality. It is achieved due to constant tests and thorough control during the App development process. A code is double-checked and even triple-checked at every stage to minimize the possibility of error. Then we continue the cooperation with clients updating our Salesforce AppExchange apps whenever it is required.

Loyal Prices

We always discuss all the customers’ needs and requirements and select the proper approach for their fulfilling. Since we plan everything in advance and make thorough testing during the process, we avoid redoing everything from scratch. Therefore, we reduce our expenses and sell our products at reasonable prices.

High Flexibility

We always prioritize our clients’ wishes. Therefore, we try to be as flexible as possible regardless of the process stage. We can adapt to the customer’s conditions and build our schedule according to them.

Our Stages of Supporting
Types of Cooperation

Taking the selected approach into account, we can provide the following types of cooperation:

General expansion from scratch (for internal application). We manage to develop the Salesforce application while adapting to variable clients’ expectations on all the development stages. Then we constantly support our customers providing them with all necessary updates.

Client-oriented development (for AppExchange). We analyze the functional and business needs of customers and develop an application fitting all of them – this differentiates our Salesforce Application among competitors on AppExchange. As a result, they can become a reliable income source and/or be easily integrated with Salesforce thanks to our expertise in dealing with its APIs limits and providing the seamless connection between systems.

Necessary Technologies for Salesforce AppExchange Development

Why do you need this for your business?

Let`s take an example.

 A Company is planning to implement a CRM for the organization for the better customer experience and finalized Salesforce as a CRM, but as a business is new and no one knows about the Salesforce. They are not sure how it’s fruitful for the organization. As Salesforce comes with lots of configuration and customization, sometime business required a consultancy that can help him to identify the solution and provide implementation as per business requirement. The consultants provide an essential role in the face of the requirement or for the continuous operation requirement. They provide a solution to the application and make sure the application will be customized as per the business requirement with the best industry approach.

There are thousands of solutions that are free to install and use. Some of AppExchange’s most popular solutions are free, such as Salesforce lab solutions built in-house by Salesforce employees. Many providers also let you try their product before you buy it so that you can be sure that whatever you’re interested in actually meets your needs.

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