Peeklogic Report Sender PRO AppExchange Application was designed by Peeklogic, the Salesforce Development Company. It allows to send Salesforce reports to external email addresses to keep your clients up to date about resources spent on their project, provide more visibility to your top management

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Peeklogic Report Sender PRO AppExchange App

Peeklogic Report Sender PRO allows to send a Salesforce Report to external users who outside Salesforce CRM.

It has super flexible scheduling to fit various of business needs. We invite you to have a look at our Installation and Configuration Manual

Send Report From Salesforce to Top Management’s and Clients’ External Email Addresses

Peeklogic Report Sender PRO- brings value to your business for free and with it’s unlimited features. It helps to keep your clients up to date about spend resources or development hours on weekly bases. Peeklogic Report Sender PRO allows you to update your top management as well as customers just before they ask for update. Which a one of key factor to customer success

Key features of Salesforce Report Sender PRO

  • Send Salesforce Report to External Email Address
  • Send report in CSV and XLS formats
  • Free and Unlimited
  • Keeps your clients and top management up to date
  • Super flexible scheduling
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Select any report to send to email address outside Salesforce CRM

Select Salesforce report folder, and then you can select any report and any report type within your Salesforce CRM, and it’ll get prepared to be sent outside Salesforce CRM to your clients


Schedule Salesforce Reports to be Sent out to Your Clients Every Friday or Monthly

Super flexible scheduling within Peeklogic Report Sender PRO AppExchange Application allows you to send reports daily, weekly, monthly, select preferred hour and minutes. Your clients were never so updated about your progress before

Schedule or Send Now Report from Salesforce CRM to Email

Manage your list of scheduled reports, activate/disable schedule, add unlimited report schedules

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