Salesforce Jira Connector is an app Peeklogic team developed to help you connect Sales and Service Departments to make their cooperation more productive

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Salesforce Jira Connector

Salesforce Jira Connector is a tool our team developed to connect Sales and Service departments to help our clients make cooperation between both departments time and cost effective. Salesforce Jira Integration allows Sales Reps to submit Jira tickets without even login to Atlassian which helpls them to stay focused their work in Salesforce.

The app handles Manual ticket creation as well as allows to configure automatic creation of tasks and subtasks in Jira. It supports all Standard and Custom objects


Salesforce Jira Integration Solution

Our Peeklogic team developed a Salesforce Jira integration app tool which allows users to create tickets in Jira with just a few button clicks.

Our app consists of the following pieces:

  • Configuration page
  • Lightning Component – to relate with any object and search, create and link Jira tickets to Salesforce objects
  • Apex classes developed to be able to reuse them in Salesforce Process Builder and Flows to configure automated jira tickets creation and linking.

Salesforce Jira Connector Features

  • Lightning ready
  • Displays related tickets in a lightning component against standard or custom object
  • Allows manual ticket creation directly from standard or custom object
  • Allows to search and link existing Jira ticket to any Salesforce object
  • Configure auto Jira ticekt creat on any Salesforce events. Example:
    Create/Update ticket, leave comment when Opportunity stage is Closed Lost.
  • Add comment in Rich Text
  • Attach files
  • Create sub-tasks
  • Update ticket
  • 30 minutes to Configure

Jira issues related to a Salesforce object

Once Salesforce System Administrator set up Jira connector you’ll see a component like on a screenshot in the bottom right. Lightning component has to buttons:

  • “Create Jira Issues” – to create Jira issue manually and relate it to Salesforce object. In our example we see tickets related to Account object.
  • “Search Jira issues” – to search existing issues in Jira and link to a Salesforce object

Our Lightning component contains a table with related tickets to Account object which we can link or un-ink.

  • Jira issues related to a Salesforce object in a lightning component
  • Create Jira Issue from Salesforce

Create Jira Issue from Salesforce

Click “Create Jira Issue” button on our lighting component to create Jira issue and relate it to Salesforce custom or standard record.

Choose one of the projects available for you and the issue type you need. Fill in all the fields (note: required fields are marked up by a star sign). Click Create.

Search Jira issues from Salesforce

Click “Search Jira issue” to search ticket by subject. You may use filtering capabilities to simplify the search. We can use “*” while searching.

Select the project, the issue type and the other parameters if you need them. Click “+” to link Jira issue to standard or custom Salesforce object or “-” to un-link it.

  • Search Jira issues in Salesforce

Create Jira Sub-Task from Salesforce

Click on “View” button next to a ticket and you’ll see detailed view of Jira issue.

  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Sub-Tasks
  • Issue Links

Salesforce Jira Integration allows you to create above components directly from Salesforce


Salesforce Jira Integration Automation Capabilities

Configure automation to create Jira Issues using Smart Jira Connector Setup page. Customize Salesforce to Jira fields mapping.

  • Use Case 1: Leave a comment in Jira issue when Opportunity Stage is changed to Closed Won.
  • Use Case 2: Create Jira Issue when Account of Business type is created.
  • Use Case 3: When Salesforce User is created, User in Jira is created.
  • Use Case 4: When Attachment is added to Opportunity, the same attachment is added to related Jira ticket.
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Stages of Development

Our Peeklogic Salesforce team would also have to develop Visualforce and Lightning components.