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Connect Sales and Service Departments to make their cooperation more productive

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Peeklogic Jira Connector is designed and developed by Peeklogic Salesforce Development Company with the aim to help you improve collaboration between Sales, Support, and Development teams and make in-between teams communication 30% more time and cost-effective. We designed Peeklogic Jira Connector easy to install and configure, and we invite you to look closer at Peeklogic Jira Connector Installation and Configuration Guide or install Salesforce Jira Integration App directly from Salesforce AppExchange


Peeklogic Jira Connector Features

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01. Salesforce Lightning and Classic Compatible

Peeklogic Jira Connector works perfectly fine in any Salesforce experience. Either it's Classic or Lightning

02. Real-time syncing from Jira to Salesforce

Have the ability to review Jira Tickets in Salesforce in real-time

03. Salesforce Lightning Process Builder/Flows Compatible

User Salesforce Lightning Flows or Process Builder to Automate Jira Issue create from Salesforce. Automatically create Jira issues from Salesforce, for ex. when Opportunity stage is Closed Won, when Case is created, etc.

04. Relate Jira Issues to Standard or Custom Object

Salesforce Jira Connector allows relating Atlassian Jira issues to any Salesforce Standard or Custom Object

05. Create/Update Jira Issue Automatically or from Salesforce

Create or Update Jira issues directly from Salesforce CRM manually or automated

06. Creating Issue tab in a new window

Create Jira Issues without leaving your current Salesforce screen

07. Link Jira Issue to Salesforce Record

Use search capabilities of the connector to find existing Jira issues and link them to Salesforce Records

08. Manage Salesforce Object directly from Jira

Create and link Jira Tickets to Salesforce Objects directly in Jira

09. Comment and Add Attachments to Jira Issue from Salesforce

Communicate with support teams by adding comments and attachments to Jira issues directly from Salesforce

10. Two-Way Real Time Attachments Sync

Unlimited in size two-way sync of Salesforce files and Jira issue attachments in real time even without a page refresh

11. Two-Way Real Time Case Comments Sync

Communicate from Salesforce with support teams in Jira in Real-Time even without a page refresh

12. Mention Jira user directly in Salesforce

Easily mention a Jira user from within a Salesforce comment

13. Ability to select internal or public comments (Service Desk projects) in Salesforce

Manage which type of comments you add

14. Salesforce Chatter Feeds Sync

Two-way Real-Time sync between Salesforce Chatter feeds and Jira Issue Comments

15. Peeklogic Jira Connector Email-to-Case

Convert incoming emails to a Salesforce Case, then link it to the corresponding Jira Issue

16. Reports on Related Jira Issues

All Jira issues data is configured and stored in Peeklogic Salesforce custom Object which allows you to build flexible Reports on Jira issues directly in Salesforce

17. Connect Multiple Salesforce Instances with Jira (in development)

Connect multiple Jira instances to 1 Salesforce organization

18. New Features Requests

Peeklogic Team is adding new features per your request at no cost. Just contact us at


We developed the AppExchange Application – Peeklogic Jira Connector plugin with the aim to help our customers improve cost-effectiveness and productivity. Our Jira Salesforce Connector ensures seamless communication between Sales and Development teams who used to live in different environments.

Your Support, Development, and Product teams use Jira. Your sales teams live in Salesforce. The smoother communication between the teams the better quality support your customer gets.

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Salesforce Jira Integration Advantages

Unique Salesforce and Jira Connector with Unique capabilities!

7 Minutes! For Fresh Install Till First Jira Item is Created

We recorded a video of fresh Peeklogic Jira Connector installation and it took only 7 minutes! Peeklogic Jira Connector is the only connector on the market with such a quick and easy installation and configuration process!


chip Flexible Configuration

Peeklogic Jira Connector settings page allows Salesforce System Administrator to configure the connector by adding Jira projects, perform Salesforce and Atalssian Jira fields mapping easily to align 90% of businesses across variety of industries like Automotive, Finance, Real Estate, HighTech, Health Care and others


link Link Jira to Any Salesforce Object

Relate Peeklogic Jira Connector lightning component to any Salesforce custom or standard objects record to experience its flexibility in full.


Automates Creating of Jira Issues from Salesforce

Peeklogic Jira Connector combines its own flexibility together with Salesforce configuration flexibility with the help of Lightning Process Builder and Salesforce Flow. You could configure Saleaforce Jira Connnector to automatically create Jira Ticket from Salesforce as to automate adding comment to existing Jira item.


Create Jira Items, Comment, Sub-Task, Attachment in Salesforce

Do not tie yourself to Salesforce Cases object! Peeklogic Jira Connector allows you to link Jira Issues to any Salesforce object or record. As well as comment on them, add sub-task, attachment and link between Jira Issues


calendar Real-Time

Our Salesforce and Jira Implementation is real time and all related Jira issues to Salesforce records display real-time information directly from JIra in Salesforce


Why integrate Salesforce and Jira

Improve your business with Salesforce Jira connection

Just imagine how cool is this. The sales manager Jason picks up the phone with the help of the Five9 Salesforce AppExchange App (for example). Five9 opens the Salesforce contact record in front of him just the same second.

Client Chuck tells about an issue, so Jason creates the Jira Ticket directly from Salesforce. Till that time only 10 to 20 seconds passed! What next?

The same second Service team sees Jason forgot to add credentials to the client’s sandbox. The service team leaves a comment in the Jira Issue and as our Peeklogic Jira Connector is real-time and Jason is still on the line with Chuck, he asks for clarification on the issue right away!

As a result, this lightning cooperation Between Jason and Service Department helped the support team to solve Chuck’s issue with only 1 ticket response!



How to Create Jira Issue from Salesforce?

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01. Stream-Line Workflows

Makes cooperation between sales, service and development departments real time and fully automated

02. Bring Visibility to All Account Interactions in Real-Time

Sale rep will just open an Account, Opportunity or any other standard or custom Salesforce object, and see all related Jira Cloud issues and statuses in real time

03. Connect your Sales, Service and Development Departments

Sales reps, Developers and Support teams communications becomes smooth and quick. No more delays responding to customer!

04. Make Communication Between Departments Time and Cost Effective

In just a few seconds Service department is notified about the issue from client!

05. Increase Productivity and Transparency Across Teams

With Peeklogic Jira Connector cooperation between few teams was never so transparent and so easy manageable!


Salesforce Jira Connection Solution

Our Peeklogic team developed a Salesforce and Jira Service integration app tool that allows users to create tickets in Jira Cloud with just a few button clicks.

Our app consists of the following pieces:

  • Configuration page
  • Lightning Component – to relate with any object and search, create and link Jira tickets to Salesforce objects
  • Apex classes developed to be able to reuse them in Salesforce Process Builder and Flows to configure automated Jira tickets creation and linking.


Jira issues related to a Salesforce object

Once Salesforce System Administrator set up the Jira connector you’ll see a component like on a screenshot in the bottom right. The lightning component has two buttons:

  • “Create Jira Issues” – to create a Jira issue manually and relate it to Salesforce object. In our example, we see tickets related to Account object.
  • “Search Jira issues” – to search existing issues in Jira and link to a Salesforce object

Our Lightning component contains a table with related tickets to Account object which we can link or un-ink.

  • Jira issues related to a Salesforce object in a lightning component

Create Jira Issue from Salesforce

Click “Create Jira Issue” button on our lighting component to create Jira issue and relate it to Salesforce custom or standard record.

Choose one of the projects available for you and the issue type you need. Fill in all the fields (note: required fields are marked up by a star sign). Click Create.

Search and Link Jira issues in Salesforce

Click “Search Jira issue” to search ticket by subject. You may use filtering capabilities to simplify the search. We can use “*” while searching.

Select the project, the issue type and the other parameters if you need them. Click “+” to link Jira issue to standard or custom Salesforce object or “-” to un-link it.

  • Search Jira issues in Salesforce

Create Jira Sub-Task from Salesforce

Click on “View” button next to a ticket and you’ll see detailed view of Jira issue.

  • Comments
  • Attachments
  • Sub-Tasks
  • Issue Links

Salesforce-Jira connection allows you to create above components directly from Salesforce


Automate Salesforce Jira Integration

Configure automation to create Jira Issues using Smart Jira Connector Setup page and native Salesforce process builder. Customize Salesforce to Jira fields mapping.

  • Use Case 1: Leave a comment in Jira issue when Opportunity Stage is changed to Closed Won
  • Use Case 2: Create Jira Issue when Account of Business type is created
  • Use Case 3: When Attachment is added to Opportunity, the same attachment is added to related Jira ticket

Add Attachments to Jira Issue in Salesforce


Add Comment to Jira Issue from Salesforce


Peeklogic Jira Connector – Privacy of Your Salesforce Integration


Peeklogic Jira Connector – is an AppExchange Application which connects your Salesforce instance with your Atlassian Jira instance. Our Salesforce Jira Connector does not use any third part services to pass your information from your Salesforce instance to your Atlassian Jira instance, and transfers information from Salesforce to Jira directly and securely. Peeklogic LLC does not have any kind of access to information you pass using Peeklogic Jira Connector from your Salesforce instance to your Atlassian Jira instance


How Much Does it Cost to Integrate Salesforce and Jira?


Peeklogic Jira Connector has pretty straightforward cost associated with it:

Including Premium Support

  • $20 per Salesforce user per month (Starting from 25 users)
  • No annual commitments
  • 60 days trial period
  • Minimum order: $20
  • Minimum length: 1 month

Standard Support

  • 1-15 users – $20 User/Month
  • 15-29 – $15 User/Month
  • 30+ users- $11
  • Unlimited $499 Company/Month


Peeklogic Jira Connector does not require any commitments of usage and Peeklogic team intention was to bring value to different businesses and make cooperation between Sales and Support teams time and cost effective. Usage of the app is considered to be canceled/suspended the same day when payment was not made. Usage of the app can be renewed after payment is made.


Peeklogic Jira Connector: Use Cases

1. Use Case: Streamlined Issue Tracking and Resolution

The Peeklogic Salesforce Jira Connector provides a seamless integration between Salesforce and Jira, enabling organizations to track and resolve customer issues efficiently. With this connector, support teams can create Jira issues directly from Salesforce cases, ensuring that all customer problems are captured and addressed promptly. The connector also allows for bidirectional synchronization, ensuring that updates made in either Salesforce or Jira are reflected in real-time, enabling teams to collaborate effectively and resolve issues faster.

2. Use Case: Enhanced Project Management and Collaboration

The Peeklogic Salesforce Jira Connector empowers project managers and teams by bridging the gap between Salesforce and Jira for streamlined project management and collaboration. Users can seamlessly sync project details, tasks, and milestones between Salesforce and Jira, enabling teams to work in their preferred platforms while keeping everyone on the same page. This integration ensures that project timelines, progress, and updates are synchronized, facilitating effective communication and coordination across teams and departments.

3. Use Case: Improved Sales and Customer Insights

The Peeklogic Salesforce Jira Connector enables organizations to gain valuable insights into their sales and customer data by integrating Jira’s issue tracking capabilities with Salesforce’s robust CRM system. Sales teams can access Jira issue information directly within Salesforce, allowing them to have a comprehensive view of customer issues, feedback, and requests. This integration provides sales representatives with valuable context and enables them to better understand customer needs, leading to more informed sales conversations and improved customer satisfaction.

Overall, the Peeklogic Salesforce Jira Connector enhances issue tracking and resolution, project management and collaboration, as well as sales and customer insights, enabling organizations to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Peeklogic Jira Connector enhance project management with Jira?

The Peeklogic Jira Connector streamlines project management by integrating Jira with other essential tools and systems. It allows seamless data synchronization, enabling project teams to track and manage tasks, issues, and progress in Jira while leveraging additional functionalities from connected systems, such as Salesforce or Slack. This integration enhances collaboration, improves visibility, and boosts productivity across the entire project lifecycle.

Can I customize the data synchronization and workflows with the Peeklogic Jira Connector?

Yes, the Peeklogic Jira Connector provides flexibility for customizing data synchronization and workflows based on your specific project requirements. You can define mappings and rules to ensure that relevant data from connected systems are accurately synchronized with Jira. Additionally, you can configure workflows and automation to streamline processes and ensure smooth data flow between systems, optimizing project management efficiency and aligning with your team’s preferred workflows.

How secure is the integration between Peeklogic Jira Connector and other systems?

The Peeklogic Jira Connector prioritizes data security and offers a secure integration environment. It employs industry-standard security measures, including encrypted data transmission and authentication protocols, to protect sensitive project data during synchronization. The connector also adheres to data privacy regulations and provides customizable access controls, ensuring that only authorized users have access to the integrated systems. With these security measures in place, you can confidently integrate Jira with other systems while maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your project data.

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