Our team manages Salesforce Projects using both Project Management and Salesforce Experience which leads to successful completion of each project

Prior to selecting which project management methodology to apply to a specific Salesforce project, we analyze the project thoroughly. Our focus on Salesforce, together with our Project Management experience, leads us to the successful completion of each project also on time and according to plan.

The Peeklogic team approaches Salesforce project management by considering the following phases:

  • Initial Phase- Gathering requirements
  • Planning and Design Phase-Planning and setting goals
  • Implementation Phase- Constructing the Salesforce Project
  • Monitoring and Controlling Phase- Using Atlassian Jira, Wrike, BaseCamp, Asana or other task management tools to succeed
  • Completion or Closing Phase- Deploying to QA Sandbox, doing quality control, administering User Acceptance tests, and deploying to production

Considering these phases and depending on the various Salesforce Project parameters, we also select the project management methodology which fits best for each project.


We use Agile for delivering stable solutions.

Our Salesforce consulting agency use Scrum when the priority is fast deliverability.

We use Kanban if we decide not to break down tasks by iterations. For instance, we usually use it for smaller projects.

The Peeklogic team also are expert Salesforce project managers and will work internally and with you to determine the best methodology for your Salesforce project.