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Providing Salesforce Integration Services

The professional team of Salesforce consultants here, at Peeklogic, has eight years of experience in working with CRM tools. Our duty is to provide an effortless integration of Salesforce with any other system. Our developers are able to create tailor-made integration solutions as well as engage various apps from AppExchange. In this way, the integration is efficient and offers a number of benefits:

  • You receive an easy connection between customer-facing units (sales people, client service and marketing administration) and support teams (accounting, logistics and production);
  • The business process becomes automated from start to finish;
  • Sales managers gain easy access to services they need via the Salesforce system;
  • Authentication becomes quicker and simpler because it is shared among all the tools;
  • A single customer view is at your fingertips;
  • You receive the opportunity to enhance customer satisfaction;
  • Sales staff gains a connection with service departments;

Are you ready to take full advantage of Salesforce solutions via integration?

The Solutions We Provide with the Help of Integration

Choosing predesigned software, a company’s owners should be ready to have a mediocre product. Those who want the integration that will suit all their requirements and needs will have to choose a custom unique solution. The Salesforce consultants at Peeklogic provide assistance with any project through selecting the ideal plan. Some of the problems we can solve are:

  • integrating various systems designed by different suppliers;
  • integrating the cloud Salesforce system with a local one;
  • integrating elaborate customized solutions;
  • integrating multiple CRM systems throughout regional departments;
  • providing efficient and shiftable plans for complicated integration processes;
  • making data exchange between all integrated platforms transparent and accessible;
  • synchronizing data in real time;

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The Opportunities for Salesforce Integration

Here at Peeklogic, we feel like all the platforms should cooperate as seamlessly as each part of our bodies. By this idea, we mean that information should be transferred between offices smoothly, all the data should be synchronized and user access has to be unified.

Integrating Salesforce with ERP

Connecting Enterprise Resource Planning helps with coordinating sales and resources management. Sales managers receive a complete overview of the client database with the help of CRM tools. They can review inventory, shipping and receipts. The current data in the ERP system provides more possibilities for effective purchases and production because of considering the demand. The specialists at Peeklogic offer Salesforce and ERP integration. We work with such systems as Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, SAP SE, Sage, Acumatica and many more.

Salesforce Integration with SAP

The SAP ERP Software allows easier and more accessible coordination between sales and financial administration in your company. Sales representatives get the possibility to see customer data clearly. They can review info regarding shipments and bills in their CRM. SAP software offers insight into the demand and enhances the process of managing purchases and manufacturing.

Integration of Accounting

There is a number of benefits in integrating your CRM with accounting software. Sharing financial records with the sales staff becomes more convenient. The same goes for handling invoices and inter-firm operations along with improving business forecasts and contributing to more in-depth financial data management. We provide integration with such systems as Zoho Books, Xero, QuickBooks and others.

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Integrating Marketing Automatization

Squaring marketing with sales requires facilitating data transfer between the teams. The advantages of CRM and marketing software integration include boosting conversions, clear vision of sales being influenced by promo campaigns, stable customer satisfaction and more. There is a wide selection of software, which Peeklogic can provide: Marketo, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Eloqua and many others.

Integrating with Social Media Technologies

In order to create a customized user experience, each business requires something to monitor news and customer desires. Nowadays many companies integrate various social media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Creating profiles on these websites allows sales representatives to oversee public activity and enhance brand awareness.

Integrating CTI Technologies

Peeklogic professionals offer assistance in linking Salesforce with a computer-telephone integration system. We also provide setting up the CTI set of tools available on the platform. This helps to increase sales as well as the quality of your services. The calls are managed with the benefit of the following services:

  • Recognizing and channeling incomings;
  • Recording calls automatically;
  • Making calls via voice over IP and Public Switched Telephone Network using Salesforce tools;
  • Examining Key Performance Indicators.

Integrating E-Commerce

One of the opportunities delivered by Peeklogic is integrating your Salesforce with various e-commerce systems. These include Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Commerce Cloud and many more. With such integration, your income will rise, and client service will also improve. These are the benefits:

  • Creating customized marketing campaigns;
  • Achieving gain in sales through adding order and browser histories to customer data;
  • Providing the option of self-servicing through client portals (including accessible inventory and order tracking);
  • Improving demand forecasting and assets management.

Integrating Collaborative Software

Many businesses incorporate various collaborative software like Office 365. They are helpful for record-keeping and collaboration across a company. Utilizing CRM and this software simultaneously might result in some challenges, like duplicated records. Careful and professional integration with such tools will help to avoid possible errors, delays, extra expenses and more.

Integrating E-mail and Personal Planner

In order to increase your employees’ performance, you can synchronize CRM and Personal Planners (for example Outlook or Microsoft Exchange) with all their contact lists, schedules, emails and other stuff. Another advantage is building a clear record of client relationships. The professionals from Peeklogic are ready to assist in integrating such systems and other e-mail platforms.

Integrating IT Service Management

Customer support staff and sales managers can get in touch with clients via Salesforce, while tech support workers use various tools like ServiceNow or JIRA. Nevertheless, all of the specialists resolve the same problems. In order to enhance customer experience, it is important to make technical and service departments cooperate. You can achieve this by integrating their tools.

More Integrating Solutions We Offer

Without a doubt, Salesforce is a useful and powerful environment for increasing sales and automating marketing processes. However, companies often need to take even more advantage of it. Here at Peeklogic, we also work with the following software:

  • Managing projects (Wrike, Basecamp);
  • Customer support (ManageEngine, Salesforce Essentials, Zendesk);
  • Surveying (Qualtricks, SurveyMonkey);
  • IT collaborative environment (JIRA, ServiceNow);
  • Live chats and other tools.

We can also assist with integrating Salesforce and other CRM systems. Contact us for further information.

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Technical Solutions for Salesforce

  • Direct integrating – this means integrating application programming interface between Salesforce and a specific system. This is not the most flexible solution, although efficient since it ensures smooth information flow within the systems;
  • Integrating via server – the advantage of this type is that the systems can be updated with minimal influence on the integration process, while it scales down the demand for IT services and provides better control over the information traffic. This includes both Cloud and local solutions. This option is recommended for all businesses regardless of their scale. Whether your company manages small projects, or there is large data flow, we will help you with finding a perfect solution.

What Should You Expect From Working with Us

  • Detailed evaluation of functional requirements;
  • Strategy generation;
  • Developing custom-tailored solutions and implementing them;
  • Quality monitoring;
  • Continuous support and further maintenance.

Why You Should Select Peeklogic

Peeklogic team has worked out an efficient integration scheme, which helps with preventing any possible problems.
As an example, imagine that a business is in search of integrating their Salesforce platform with a number of other systems from different owners. We begin the integration by researching the tools and getting in touch with the owners. After evaluating the possibilities for integration, we design an optimum strategy in order to avoid any issues. Peeklogic professionals work on minimizing any problems possible during integration as well as the time and expenses required.

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Trust our consultants with the challenges you face while planning integration. We will provide you with the best solution that will meet all your needs and requirements.


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