Peeklogic team performs various of Salesforce Integrations with external systems

Salesforce Integrations help us keeping everything in one place is the key to time and cost efficiency when talking about business workflows. We understand our client’s pain also when their teams need to login to multiple systems to follow their customer’s business flow, or to gather reporting data from multiple apps and then manually combine them.

salesforce integrations service salesforce integrations service[/caption]

Here at Peeklogic, we use our experience in integrating Salesforce with various popular or custom apps to make our clients’ business flows more cost and time efficient. The Peeklogic team also has experience performing Salesforce integrations with various systems such as:

  • Jira
  • Five9
  • Stripe payments
  • PayPal
  • Anedot
  • Demandware (eCommerce Cloud)
  • and clients’ custom apps

Either one- or two-way Salesforce integrations can be implemented by the Peeklogic team. For two-way integrations, we perform the Salesforce part and another team also helps with the custom app side of the integration.

Salesforce integration

When we need to keep both systems in sync, for example when we sync Accounts or Opportunity objects, we also implement an Error Remediation Portal on the Salesforce side. This is a huge help to the Salesforce Administrator in monitoring and administrating synced data.

The Dedicated Salesforce Consulting team has already implemented some of the best Salesforce integrations with a vast assortment of apps like:

  • Task Management app
  • Task Tracking app
  • Soft Phone
  • Document Management app
  • Variety of custom clients’ applications
  • Video Storage Service
  • Global Maps Service
  • Social Medias, like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin
  • File Storages like Dropbox, Google Drive
  • eCommerce Cloud