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MuleSoft Salesforce Integration and Consulting

Building strong relationships with clients is a top priority for each business. MuleSoft is an innovative platform for data integration, which can offer countless opportunities when combined with your Salesforce solutions.


While there are preset solutions provided for MuleSoft Salesforce integration, only customized strategies will grant a smooth and beneficial operation. Peeklogic is considered to be one of the best providers of developing and consulting services for Salesforce and MuleSoft on the market. Depending on the specifics of your company, our professional developers will come up with the most suitable solutions exactly for your business.


The Benefits of Integrating MuleSoft into Your Salesforce

The Salesforce MuleSoft platform allows for easier and more efficient integration with other solutions. They include web services, Java Message, HTTP, Java DataBase Connectivity and others.

Here some of the major advantages you will be able to enjoy after incorporating MuleSoft:

  • Constant innovative solutions – with regular reports and feedback, you will have the opportunity to enhance your productivity and business efficiency;
  • Newest strategies – our customized solutions will guarantee the simple usage of the most advanced tactics and API, for example, API Management and Economy;
  • Quality and security checking – you will be able to perform regular quality assurance checking and have full control over your projects.

It is often difficult to find enough professionals with specialization in MuleSoft when you need to provide adequate maintenance for the system in your company. Peeklogic solves this issue by offering the help of a full development team with profound knowledge and many years of experience in working with MuleSoft and Salesforce platforms.


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The Opportunities for MuleSoft Salesforce Integration

Here at Peeklogic, we feel like all the platforms should cooperate as seamlessly as each part of our bodies. By this idea, we mean that information should be transferred between offices smoothly, all the data should be synchronized and user access has to be unified.

Integrating MuleSoft Salesforce with ERP

Connecting Enterprise Resource Planning helps with coordinating sales and resources management. Sales managers receive a complete overview of the client database with the help of CRM tools. They can review inventory, shipping and receipts. The current data in the ERP system provides more possibilities for effective purchases and production because of considering the demand. The specialists at Peeklogic offer Salesforce and ERP integration. We work with such systems as Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, SAP SE, Sage, Acumatica and many more.

MuleSoft Salesforce Integration with SAP

The SAP ERP Software allows easier and more accessible coordination between sales and financial administration in your company. Sales representatives get the possibility to see customer data clearly. They can review info regarding shipments and bills in their CRM. SAP software offers insight into the demand and enhances the process of managing purchases and manufacturing.

Integration of Accounting

There is a number of benefits in integrating your CRM with accounting software. Sharing financial records with the sales staff becomes more convenient. The same goes for handling invoices and inter-firm operations along with improving business forecasts and contributing to more in-depth financial data management. We provide integration with such systems as Zoho Books, Xero, QuickBooks and others.


Peeklogic Solutions for MuleSoft Integration

Peeklogic provides a variety of solutions for MuleSoft integration to satisfy the needs of each client and their business. Here are some of the possible integrations:

  • MuleSoft integration with an Enterprise Resource Planning System – this provides smoother coordination and easier resources managing. Each manager will have much simpler access to customer data. Such information as shipping and order specifications will be also available;
  • Accounting integration – this solution facilitates the exchange of financial records among the employees.
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Integrating Marketing Automatization

Squaring marketing with sales requires facilitating data transfer between the teams. The advantages of CRM and marketing software integration include boosting conversions, clear vision of sales being influenced by promo campaigns, stable customer satisfaction and more. There is a wide selection of software, which Peeklogic can provide: Marketo, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Eloqua and many others.

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