Stripe Salesforce Integration

We implemented a Stripe Salesforce Integration. We also developed Salesforce Sites. The Salesforce Stripe WordPress site now accepts payments, creates leads, and converts them to an account after the lead pays. The Peeklogic team also developed Salesforce Stripe integration to process payments.



The World’s Art Club


The Client wanted our Peeklogic Salesforce team to do a WordPress Salesforce integration. They also needed us to integrate their WordPress site with Stripe Payment. Additionally, the Client needed the new Salesforce Sites website to gather user information like Name, Address, Card Number, etc. in a front-end website form. They also wanted this to only take a few steps.

After the site gathered this information, they needed Stripe to verify it and send it to CRM. So, our app needed to create a payment record in Salesforce and then relate it to Lead or Account.

Stripe Salesforce Integration Solution

The Peeklogic team implemented a Salesforce Stripe Integration. We also developed a Salesforce Sites with the Client’s website styling. This allowed the Client to integrate it into their own website later. So, we used a connector to simplify the Salesforce Stripe integration along with custom coding and configurations. The Salesforce Stripe WordPress site now has a form divided into just a few steps.

On the first step, a user enters their personal details.


After the user enters first and last name, plus other basic details like address, the user will click the Next button. When they click this button, it creates a Lead in Salesforce. The site will then take the user to the next page of the form.

In this second step, the user enters their card information, such as first and last name, card name, etc. The user will also upload their photo.

Then, once the user clicks the Purchase button, the Salesforce Site will convert the Lead it created in Step 1 to an Account. Our logic relates the picture and payment information to an account, along with the Stripe payment details and status.

If the user tries to make an additional payment, our Salesforce Site will ask for confirmation in a popup before continuing.

After our Forceoft Salesforce team finished developing the Salesforce Site and Stripe payment integration, the Client’s web developer team integrated it with the Client’s web page.