Salesforce TFS integration.

A Salesforce TFS integration. is a relatively small managed package. It involves a one-way sync from Salesforce to TFS that allows users to create TFS Work Items from Salesforce, then search and link them with CRM records.

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The Client requested that our Peeklogic Salesforce Development Team builds a feature update on top of the Salesforce appexchange application to sync to the MS Azure Team Foundation Server. In addition, the Client asked us to develop a

Salesforce TFS Integration.

Our Salesforce Dedicated team knew they needed to build a one-way synchronization from Salesforce to TFS.

A Salesforce TFS integration should be flexible and easy to set up. It must contain a Settings page to set up Auth to TFS. And the app needs to support Auth 2.0, as well as password authentication.

Therefore, our team needed to create Lightning components to display and relate Work Items against any Salesforce record. The Salesforce Developers also needed to implement a Work Items searching functionality.

Plus, when going to Google Drive, users needed to see a list of folders structured by Salesforce objects and related records. Thus, we needed to show the relationship between Salesforce objects in structured folders as well. Finally, the Salesforce Google Drive integration app needed to be developed in Lightning and Classic, pass Security review, and be published to appexchange. Google Drive Salesforce Integration Solution The Peeklogic team developed a wonderful solution in our Google Drive Salesforce integration app. Most importantly, it’s compatible with Lightning and Classic.

Salesforce TFS integration Solution

Communication between our developers is fast and efficient, due to how long they have worked together. Thus, our Salesforce Dedicated Team developed this Salesforce TFS Integration in a very short span of time.


The app contains:

  • TFS Setup
  • Lightning Component to Display Work Items
  • Work Items Search Lightning Component


The Admin Settings page contains a few configuration elements:

  • TFS Auth Setup
  • TFS Projects Configuration
  • Fields Configuration


We used Salesforce named credentials to authorize to TFS. This solution gives us flexibility in selecting authorization types to connect to a TFS instance. On top of that, we also developed a beautiful Lightning page that simplifies the configuration process.


Our Salesforce Dedicated Team developed a self-explanatory project settings page where users can configure access types to TFS projects.

The MS Azure TFS fields’ configuration page allows users to select the available fields when creating Work Items.

Lastly, the Lightning components we created allow users to create Work Items. Also, a user can search and link those items with Salesforce records.