Salesforce SpringCM Integration

We implemented a Salesforce SpringCM integration. That integration, as well as the automation we did, allows users to generate different types of documents. Users can now see MSA, SOW, and CR documents, in Visualforce and Lightning components, on a record level they are related to as well.



Global Digital Commerce Agency


The Client requested that Peeklogic implement a document automation flow to align with the Client’s business flows. This was in addition to a Salesforce and SpringCM integration.

Furthermore, with the help of that SpringCM integration, the following functionality needed to be available:

  • Document Generation
  • Contract Management
  • Organize documents
  • Document search
  • Redlining
  • Automated flows

Thus, the Client expected documents to be available in any Account or Opportunity.  Plus, they needed automation to flexibly populate data depending on Account or Opportunity types.

Salesforce SpringCM Integration Solution

The Salesforce Consulting team implemented the Salesforce SpringCM integration. They also configured SpringCM layouts. They configured them to display related documents for Account and Opportunity objects.

Generate Salesforce Documents.

Our Client’s users can now open an Account or Opportunity object and generate MSA (Master Service Agreement) documents from the Account level. In addition, they can generate SOW (Statement of Work) or CR (Change Request) documents on the Opportunity record.

Our automation fills in MSA, SOW or CR documents. It does this by relying on record type, business units and other client specific business flows. Also, the user can generate documents with all data filled in. Data such as a customer’s name, address, financial contact, generated account ID, etc. This is all done with the help of our SpringCM Salesforce smartrules automation.

Moreover, each generated document they will see on Account or Opportunity record as the Visualforce or Lightning component.

Finally, users can login to SpringCM without leaving Salesforce and review all documents related to their records at once. They can also download or print them.