Salesforce Social Media integration

The Peeklogic Team developed a Salesforce Social Media integration Lightning App. The app includes the following Salesforce social media management


The Peeklogic Team developed a Salesforce Social Media integration Lightning App. The app includes the following Salesforce social media management:

  • Salesforce Linkedin Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Salesforce Facebook Integration toolkit

The Client had an app that already calculated metrics to display on the Salesforce side. Our new app displays the metrics from the Client’s app in the form of charts and recent articles from media.


Software Consulting Company


The Client requested that Peeklogic build a Lightning App to display metrics from their own custom app within Salesforce.

In addition, our Lightning app needed to display calculations of their company’s activities on the Salesforce Home page in the form of charts. This meant it had to show the most recent related articles with a short description. It also had to show metrics such as likes, shares and comments.

The Client wanted its Salesforce users to authorize to social media like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. After User Authorization, a user could choose up to 3 companies they wanted to follow within social media. The Salesforce Social Media integration app would then display the most recent posts about each company.

Users also needed to be able to authorize our Salesforce Social Media integration Lightning App to the Client’s app and show related documents within our Lightning Salesforce App.

Social Media Salesforce Integration Solution

Our Salesforce team developed a flexible and configurable Lightning social media Salesforce integration. It was also integrated with such social media as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Additionally, we implemented a ‘Follow’ functionality to see the most recent posts of selected companies and people.

The Peeklogic Developers team also built some charts about selected companies’ recent activities.

Moreover, we displayed those activity charts on the new App page. We also developed a Media Insight Lightning component to display recent news related to selected companies. The Media Insight Lightning component displays the quantity of likes, shares and comments for each article. Each article also contains an avatar and a short description of related news.

Social Insights.

In addition, the Peeklogic team developed an Account Social Insight Lightning component. This component displays the most recent posts for the companies a user selects to follow. Our Salesforce team also implemented authorization to Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter social medias.

Now, after a user authenticates, they can select up to 3 companies they want to follow on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Then the user clicks ‘Save’, and the Salesforce Lightning app redirects them to the application home page, where it starts displaying recent posts.

Furthermore, our Social Media Salesforce integration app displays a list of files related to each company the user selects to follow. Users can also either download a document or open it in a separate tab when they click on it.