Salesforce Sites

Salesforce Sites is what our Salesforce Consulting team used to develop a self-service support portal for our Client.



Hiring Intelligence Company



The Client requested that our team at Peeklogic develop a multilingual self-support service as a Salesforce Sites for them. In addition, they wanted the self-service portal to be flexible in configuration.

Their users needed to be able to use the help center to search for solutions and for the self-service portal to subsequently pop up suggested articles.

Essentially, the client wanted to reduce support calls by directing users to the self-service portal. Thus, opening a chat with, emailing, or calling the support team would only happen if the user did not find an answer to their issue in the suggested articles.

Finally, our team needed to integrate the self-support service solution tightly with Salesforce.



Salesforce Sites Solution

Our Salesforce Dedicated Team developed a Salesforce Sites page for the self-service portal. Of course, we also closely integrated this solution with Salesforce itself.

We used the Salesforce Articles feature to set up multiple articles, and in multiple languages. In addition to that, our Salesforce consultants team developed the Salesforce Sites pages and then integrated them with Salesforce Articles.

The Salesforce team also developed a search functionality for the Client and a suggested articles logic for their new self-service portal.

Now, the Client’s users see suggested articles for self-service in the portal before ever seeing the user page with contact information for the support team. This solution has decreased our Client’s support calls by 60%. That reduction has made their support team much more time and cost effective.