Salesforce Pardot

Our Salesforce Dedicated Team implemented Salesforce Pardot WordPress Integration.


Salesforce Pardot WordPress Integration

Our Salesforce Dedicated Team implemented Salesforce Pardot WordPress Integration.

We integrated our Client’s site forms to create prospects in Pardot. In addition to this Pardot WordPress integration, the Peeklogic team developed Pardot Landing pages and email templates. We also configured the Automation rules to trigger email marketing campaigns.


Equipment Leasing Company


The Client requested that Peeklogic implemented Salesforce Pardot WordPress integration. A main goal of this Pardot Salesforce connector was for a prospect to be created in Pardot every time one of their customers fills in a form on their WordPress site.

Moreover, the automation rules would need to categorize their prospects and then trigger Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation email campaigns. Lastly, those prospects would need to sync with Salesforce Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunities.

Salesforce Pardot Solution

Our Salesforce Dedicated Team first implemented a WordPress site and Salesforce synchronization.

During this process, the Salesforce Pardot Consultant Team synced the WordPress site’s multiple forms with Pardot in Salesforce. This was done with the help of Pardot Forms and Pardot Form Handlers. Now, when a prospect fills in a form on the client’s site, our Pardot Automation categorizes that prospect into different folders. The folders the prospect is placed in depend on the specific information they enter.

Peeklogic additionally implemented a Pardot Salesforce integration. During this Pardot Salesforce sync, our team also synced Pardot Prospects with Salesforce Leads and Contacts.

Furthermore, our Salesforce Developer implemented an automation to trigger different email marketing campaigns based on initial information. So, Pardot sends an email from Salesforce once it receives the information.

We implemented fancy Pardot landing pages and email templates for the Client’s marketing campaigns as well.


Per the Client’s needs we configured:

  • Visitor tracking
  • Tracked and hosted marketing files
  • Sales alerts real-time
  • Lead grading and scoring
  • Automated lead assignment
  • Lead nurturing
  • Forms
  • Landing pages
  • Progressive profiling
  • Email marketing
  • Reporting

Thanks to our integration of Pardot in Salesforce, our Client has increased their overall marketing abilities and is seeing great results.

Finally, we conducted Salesforce Pardot training for the Client. We gave them a Salesforce Pardot demo and walked them through the Salesforce Pardot login and certification process.