Our Peeklogic team developed a Salesforce Jira Plugin

Salesforce Jira Plugin was a relatively small managed package. It involved a one-way sync from Salesforce to Jira that allowed users to create Jira issues from Salesforce, then search and link them with Salesforce records.

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Enterprise Software Consulting Client


The Client requested that we build a feature update on top of the Salesforce Appexchange  App to sync to Atlassian Jira. They also asked our Salesforce consultancy agency to develop a Salesforce Jira integration. Thus, our Salesforce Dedicated team knew they had to build a one-way synchronization from Salesforce to Jira.

A Salesforce Jira connector has to be flexible and easily configurable. It also must contain a Settings page to set up Authorization to Jira. Additionally, the app needs to support Auth 2.0 and password authentication.

As a result, our team needed to create Lightning Components to display and relate Jira issues for any Salesforce object.

Our Salesforce Developers team had to implement Jira searching functionality as well.

Salesforce Jira Integration Solution

Luckily for our Client, our developers are used to working together and communication between them is fast and efficient. This meant that our Salesforce Dedicated Team developed a Salesforce Jira Integration remarkably quickly.


The app now contains:

  • Admin Settings
  • Lightning Component to display Jira issues
  • Lightning Component for searching Jira tickets

The Admin Settings page also contains some configuration elements:

  • Authorization
  • Jira Projects Configuration
  • Fields Configuration

We used Salesforce named credentials to authorize to Jira. This solution gave us flexibility in selecting authorization types to connect to a Jira environment. Peeklogic also developed a beautiful Lightning page to simplify the configuration process.

Additionally, our Salesforce Dedicated Team developed a self-explanatory Project Settings page. Here, a user can configure access types to Jira projects.

The Jira Fields Configuration page allows a user to select available fields when creating Jira issues from Salesforce.

Finally, the Lightning Components allow a user to create Jira issues from Salesforce. They can also search and link issues with Salesforce records.

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