Our Salesforce Team implemented Salesforce Jira Integration for Migration purposes

We implemented Salesforce Jira Integration which included the authorization to Jira as well as the ability to create and update Jira issues from Salesforce Opportunity. Our team also developed Visualforce and Lightning Components to display created issues in CRM.



Global Digital Commerce Agency


The Client used to handle most of their business and sales processes in Jira Atlassian. One of the processes the Client required was that when a user changed an Opportunity stage, they also needed to create a new issue. This new issue could be for further approval of workflows or financial and legal processing.

However, this approach was inefficient in terms of time and cost, since sales teams needed to log into Task Management every time in order to create a new issue.

Also the Client came to us to make their business flows more time and cost effective. As they had a challenging request for our Salesforce Consultants. The Client needed us to move some of their business processes to CRM. However, they also needed some of those workflows to stay in Atlassian. So our Salesforce Developers team had to implement a Salesforce and Jira Helpdesk integration.

Salesforce Jira Integration Solution

A Salesforce Jira Integration was the perfect solution for this type of challenge. As it gives both the customer success team and the backend team real-time visibility into each other’s tasks. With this level of visibility, the coordination between the teams is easier, customer’s team resolves issues faster, also customer communication is seamless.

Our team at Peeklogic delivered this complex solution to the Client and provided the following benefits:

  • Complete transparency into each customer issue
  • Faster resolution of customer issues
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher customer satisfaction scores

Solution Components

There were several components to this complex solution. One component included our implementation of a Salesforce and Jira connector. This automated the ticket creation process in Accounts and Opportunity objects.

The Salesforce Dedicated team also created secure communication by implementing authorization in Salesforce Named Credentials.

Another component of this solution was storage of the integration configuration. We stored some of it in Custom Settings, such as Jira fields, Issue Types mapping and the configuration for sending failure reports.

We added a dynamic buttons component to Opportunity objects. This helped users more easily submit different Issue Types at different Opportunity Stages.

Then our Salesforce Developers team implemented an automated issues creation process in Jira Service Desk. This means that our logic creates issues now automatically in the helpdesk when creating new Opportunity or Opportunity Stage changes as well as dynamic field mapping:


We used Atlassian API’s to implement Project creation from Salesforce. Plus, our team developed Lightning and Visualforce components that displayed the created issues related to Opportunity.

We needed to pass back some information to CRM as well. So, our Peeklogic team helped the Atlassian developer’s team to authorize back to CRM, as well as to update Opportunity fields.

Salesforce Jira Integration Summary

Our Salesforce Consultants developed a powerful Jira integration which allowed us to:

  1. Establish one-to-one or many-to-many mapping between Salesforce Opportunities and Jira issues:
  • One Salesforce case can be mapped to many Jira issues
  • One Jira issue can be mapped to multiple Salesforce Opportunities
  1. Connect Salesforce with cloud and on-premise Jira versions
  2. Configure assignment rules to automate and define the right hierarchy of a Jira ticket under a project
  3. Manage Jira issues directly in Salesforce, including:
  • Easily create a Jira issue
  • Update a Jira issue
  • Link a Jira issue with a Salesforce Opportunity
  • While creating a case, make use of powerful search to find the existing Jira issues that can be linked in order to speed up the case resolution process
  • Manage comments visibility
  • Track Jira status and update Clients
  1. Configure custom Jira fields and sync them with Salesforce
  2. Create rich reports in Salesforce by combining the data from Jira and Salesforce
  • Complete transparency into how the backend team is dealing with each customer issue
  • Ability to provide real-time updates to the customers
  • Access to the customer account, priorities contacts from within JIRA
  • No manual efforts needed to keep the sales team/customer success team in the loop for customer issues
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