Salesforce Google Maps Integration

The Peeklogic team developed a Salesforce Google Maps Integration. The app we developed beautifully displays the location of the closest health care objects on Google Maps, rendered per the Salesforce Account’s location. We also worked out business flows with the Client and implemented them in CRM.



Healthcare Software Solutions Company


The Client requested business automations of their business processes along with an enhanced Salesforce Google Maps Integration.

In addition, they asked the Peeklogic team  to build an app on CRM to re-render the distance to the closest pharmacies based on the Account’s address.

This meant that the configuration of the app needed to be flexible. Also, the Client needed to define the objects they would like the app to display as being close to Account’s location. Plus, they had to be able to configure the app to display the closest pharmacies, hospitals and drug stores.

Salesforce Google Maps use case solution

Our Salesforce team worked closely with our Client to define the requirements for the Salesforce Google Maps use case solution. We also spent time with our Client, getting a full understanding of their business and sharing knowledge with each other. We implemented their complicated business flows, along with business communications about drug distribution network members in Salesforce Flows. Our Salesforce team did this with the help of Salesforce Google Maps API.


We also used Salesforce Google Maps API and custom development on the Salesforce side to implement the Salesforce Google Maps use case that the Client requested. As a result, the Peeklogic Salesforce team automated the complicated business flows of the Client. We also developed an app with enhanced Salesforce Google Maps Integration. It re-rendered health care objects as per the Account’s address in CRM.

Moreover, we developed a remarkably flexible and configurable Salesforce app. In this app, the Client can configure location to the following objects:

  • Pharmacies
  • Drug Stores
  • Drug Marts
  • Whole Sale Drug Distributors
  • Health Centers
  • Doctors

We also developed a configuration page for the Client. As a result, the System Administrator can configure which Google Maps locations need to be available across different Salesforce Account types.

Furthermore, the Admin can configure the distance to be considered as ‘nearest in miles’.

Plus, the Client received some additional benefits from this Salesforce Google Maps integration:

  • Territory coverage overview
  • Event planning
  • Teams meeting
  • Competitor location
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