Salesforce Duplicate Management

Salesforce Duplicate Management is a tool our team developed to merge Salesforce records. It is a tool developed to answer the common question of how to merge records in Salesforce.

The app handles Single and Bulk merges of Salesforce records. It supports Contacts, Accounts and Leads deduplication.

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Peeklogic, our Product

Salesforce Duplicate Management Solution

Our Peeklogic team developed a Salesforce Duplicate Management tool which allows users to dedupe Salesforce records in bulk or one-by-one.

After clicking on the Dedupe App, a user will select if they would like to proceed with a Single Merge or Auto Detect.

Our app consists of the following pieces:

  • Configuration page
  • Single Salesforce record merge
  • Bulk Salesforce record merge
  • Reporting
Salesforce Duplicate Management App – Auto Detect.

If a user selects Auto Detect, the Dedupe Management app will ask the user to choose an Object they would like to dedupe. The Duplicate Management App can deal with Leads, Accounts and Contacts, but it can’t deal with other Standard or Custom objects such as per CRM Limitations.


Once the user selects Lead, Contact or Account object, they must define a unique identifier. The Duplicate Management App is also able to find duplicates by relying on that unique identifier.

Salesforce Duplicate Management App – Unique Identifier.

For Unique Identifier, a user can select a combination of 1 to 3 fields.

For example, a user might select a Lead object and configure a combination of First Name + Last Name + Email. This combination is the unique identifier. Thus, the app considers all records that match the value of “First Name + Last Name + Email” as duplicates and they will be offered for merging.

After the unique identifier is selected, the app will show the user a list of suggested master records. Additionally, a list of records for each Master record will be displayed. If the records have different values in the matching fields, our Dedupe Application will then offer to choose the correct value for each field. If there are no discrepancies, the app will offer to merge records.

After merging records, the Duplicate Management tool redirects the user to a newly created record. This record contains downloadable reports, including a Salesforce duplicate management report.

Salesforce Duplicate Management App – Single Merge.

When a user selects Single Merge, they will need to select a record for which they would like to check duplicates

The application will show a list of potential duplicates for the selected record.

Then the user will select the records they would like to merge and merge them.

Finally, the Dedupe Tool will create a record with all details and reports attached to it.

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