Salesforce Document Management

Our Salesforce Document Management App can perform Salesforce PDF generation, as well as Word, and Excel generation. It can also fill in sales details data and allows the user to download, print or send to email. Along with the Salesforce Document Management app, we implemented a Salesforce integration with multiple automotive web sites for this project.



Automotive Distribution Company


The Client requested that Peeklogic automate the generation and sending of documents to their customers in the automotive business. This required a Salesforce integration with multiple Automotive web sites.

They wanted their sales reps to be able to preview and edit a document before sending it to the customer.

They also wanted the reps to be able to perform:

  • Salesforce PDF generation
  • Word document generation
  • Salesforce Excel file generation

Also, the reps needed to be able to print or download selected documents.

Furthermore, documents needed to be automatically generated and filled with Salesforce data. Ultimately, the Client wanted us to make their sales managers and business more time and cost effective.

The Peeklogic Salesforce team also had to develop email templates in a Salesforce document repository for the app. Thus, they needed a Salesforce document management system as well.

Finally, the Client requested our Salesforce developers team implement a Salesforce integration with Automotive Auctions.

Salesforce Document Management Solution

Our Peeklogic team developed a Salesforce document generation app. So, when navigating to the app from a Salesforce document object, it now pops up with the legal documents fields already completed.

As a result, we also developed several legal document templates:

  • Export Bill of Sale
  • Custom Export Bill of Sale
  • Wholesale Bill of Sale
  • Retail Bill of Sale
  • Salvage Acknowledgement
  • Buyer’s Guide
  • VIN Inspection (OH)
  • Deposit Agreement
  • Purchase Order Agreement
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement
  • and many additional automotive legal templates

These are all located in a Salesforce document storage, or Salesforce document management system.

Moreover, the app allows a user to generate PDF, Word or Spreadsheets. This is in addition to the ability to download, print or send purchase related documents to the customer. Having everything located in one Salesforce document repository makes the process much more efficient.

Salesforce Web integration.

Vehicle Auction Sites.

Our team also developed amazing functionality with sales orders, giving up to 50 fields with the click of just one button. This became possible due to the Salesforce Automotive Auctions integration we implemented with the following sites:

  • adesa
  • copart
  • iaai
  • manheim
  • metrosalvagepool
  • npauctions
  • traauctions
  • autoexchangenj

As a result of the Peeklogic team’s work and the Salesforce Document Management app, our Client’s Sales Department is now incredibly efficient and cost effective.