Salesforce Communities self-registration implementation

Our Peeklogic Salesforce team implemented a Salesforce Communities self-registration for our Client. In addition to the self-registration, our team also displayed all of the Salesforce internal UI in a beautiful new Salesforce Communities user interface.



Financial Consulting Company


The Client requested that our Salesforce team develop an enhanced Salesforce CRM view. They also wanted this enhanced view to include a representation of complex custom financial charts data.

Furthermore, they needed us to develop an app to calculate those custom financial charts and reports for them. They wanted the app to calculate Financial Goals, a Custom Financial Client Output report, as well as additional charts and reports. These charts and reports also needed to be generated as PDFs and easily sent by email. Additionally, the Custom Financial Client Output report needed to be represented in Spreadsheets.

Salesforce Communities Self-Registration Solution

So, our Peeklogic Salesforce Consulting agency implemented a Salesforce Communities self-registration for the Client. This allows Salesforce CRM users to have a fully customized and branded Salesforce CRM view.

We also developed a Salesforce app for the Client. The app has the ability to calculate financial goals. Plus, we used JavaScript libraries to develop custom charts on Salesforce Communities. These custom charts enhance the data representation. The app also generates the charts as PDFs to make it easier to send them via email. Finally, the app shows the Custom Financial Client Output report in Spreadsheets.

The Client is very happy with their new Salesforce self-registration, new user interface and new app.