Salesforce Amazon Integration Lightning ready app

With the help of the Salesforce Amazon Integration app we developed, users can post videos from Amazon to Salesforce or Chatter. They can also assign it to Leads, Accounts, or Opportunity objects. Additionally, with the Amazon Salesforce integration, they can play videos, categorize them and leave comments inside Salesforce.



Global Product Owner Company, focusing on Hiring Intelligence Software


Our Client requested that Peeklogic build an application that is compatible with Classic and Lightning and to list it on Appexchange. In this application, users would specify the category and add a comment when posting videos. Also, they would select whether they wanted post videos to CRM or Chatter.

The Client wanted videos to appear categorized and with comments displayed, as well as the quantity of views and likes.

Users needed to be able to post videos from an external web app. This meant that our Salesforce AWS Integration experts needed to align with the object access structure. This was so that access to videos could be easily configured with a standard Salesforce approach.

Also, users needed to be able to relay a video to Lead, Opportunity or Account and then watch it while viewing the record details.

Salesforce AWS Integration Solution

In this AWS Salesforce Integration, we made it compatible with Classic and Lightning.

Our team implemented a Salesforce Amazon Integration app that allowed our Client’s users to grab videos and post them to Salesforce. The app consists of the following custom pages:

  • Post to Salesforce
  • Opportunity Video View
  • Lead Video View
  • Account Video view

These pages are useful if the user wants the video to be visible for a specific type of Opportunities.

In addition, we configured a few custom objects to store comments and views, as well as to categorize videos.

Plus, with the help of the Salesforce Amazon Integration we developed, a user can select ‘Post to Salesforce’, which is a custom page for posting video from Amazon to CRM, Chatter, or Chatter Group along with the subject and a comment.

After that, a user can assign the video to a category and choose to store the video on Lead, Opportunity or Account object along with comments.

Ultimately, we built a wonderful and flexible application where system administrators can easily configure access to videos. Also, we helped our Client pass a Salesforce security review and published an app on Appexchange.