Sage Salesforce Integration with Jira

We implemented Sage Salesforce Integration with Jira. Salesforce Sage HR (Fairsail) processes with Jira provisioning processes. In addition, our Salesforce Dedicated team developed a Sync Status Portal to easily monitor the integration status.



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Our Client previously tracked most of their HRM processes in Atlassian. However, at a certain point it was no longer time or cost effective. Thus, the Client requested that we implement a Sage Salesforce Integration with Jira. The goal was to move as much of the HRM processes as possible from Atlassian to Salesforce Sage HRM.

Although all HRM communication was to be tracked in the Sage Business Cloud People HRM App, we needed to keep operational tasks in Atlassian. This meant that every time an HRM communication was completed, an issue would need to be created in Atlassian for processing.

Therefore, our Salesforce Developers team knew they had to develop a Sync Status Portal so that the System Administrator could monitor the integration status.

Sage Salesforce Integration with Jira Solution

The Peeklogic team decided to implement a Sage Salesforce Integration with Jira.  We moved all HR processes to Sage and left only operational tasks in Atlassian for processing. As a result, the HR team started to use Sage HRM as their primary tool.

Thus, when a recruiter fills in enough information for hiring a new Team Member, our customization triggers the creation of a new Jira issue automatically, from Salesforce. The type of issue depends on the combination of information filled in from the Fairsail Team Member record.


The Peeklogic team integrated the following HRM processes:

  • New Hire
  • Termination
  • Leave of Absence
  • Promotion
  • Probation
  • Relocation

These HR processes are each followed by a Jira helpdesk ticket, with a corresponding issue type for further processing.

For example, after triggering a New Hire process, a ticket is created in Jira. This issue type is for giving the new hire access to Confluence, a Jira account, Mailbox and the setup of Workspace.

We then developed a Salesforce Classic and Lightning Component. We placed it on the Fairsail Team Member object. This allows the HR Manager to see all created issues related to their Team Member. Our components then displayed issues and related subtasks with details and the processing status.

Sage Salesforce Integration with Jira Sync Status Portal.

Our Peeklogic team also developed a Sync Status Portal for the Salesforce System Administrator to monitor the Salesforce Sage Integration status. For this we created two custom objects:

  • Call to Jira
  • Bulk Requests Queue

The Bulk Requests Queue tracks the queue of scheduled Calls to Jira. A Call to Jira is just a single call.

With the creation of these custom objects, the Salesforce System Administrator can now simply open the details of a Call to Jira record to see what call went out, and its status. We also implemented the ability to update the call details and a re-call functionality. This is especially useful for calls which did not reach the server for some reason.

Thanks to our Salesforce Sage Integration and the portal our team developed, the Client now has an extremely useful tool to keep data in sync.