PayPal Salesforce Integration

The Peeklogic Salesforce Consulting agency implemented a PayPal Salesforce integration for our Client. We used Salesforce capabilities as well as Zapier Webhook to achieve the configuration and coding for this integration.



Nonprofit Organization


The Client requested that Peeklogic integrate PayPal and Anedot payments with Salesforce. They also required that we implement this along with data migrations and a business flows automation. The Client needed us to complete the implementation and integration in a timely manner as well.

The reason for this integration was a need for efficiency in the Client’s sales department. Their sales reps were spending too much time searching for customer payment information within other teams or having to log into other systems to find the information they needed. The Client wanted Peeklogic to make this search process more efficient.

Essentially, we needed to reduce overall costs for our Client’s sales department by reducing the time sales reps spent looking for information that should have been at their fingertips.



The PayPal Salesforce Integration Solution

Our Peeklogic Salesforce Consultant team implemented the PayPal Salesforce integration. In addition, we used Zapier Webhook for the integration with PayPal and Anedot payments. We also executed business automation improvements with Salesforce Developer.

Salesforce Developer stores payment information in Salesforce. It then relays that information to the relevant person’s Account. As a result, the Client’s sales reps were able to see payment information related to their customers more easily and with less time wasted. This improved their efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction.

Ultimately, the Peeklogic team’s solution made our Client’s sales department 15% more efficient and cost effective. Our Client was quite happy with this improvement.