Five9 Salesforce integration

Our Peeklogic Salesforce Consulting team implemented a Five9 Salesforce integration. We also developed an automation to align with the Client’s business flows. We developed this automation with the help of Salesforce Apex, as well as Salesforce configuration capabilities.





The Client requested that Peeklogic integrate a soft phone with their Salesforce environment. Essentially, our Salesforce team’s instructions were to make the Client’s customer care department more efficient and cost effective.

Five9 Salesforce Integration Solution

The Five9 CTI Adapter is a tool used in call centers that use Salesforce CRM. It works with both incoming and outgoing calls.

Our Peeklogic Salesforce team configured the Five9 Salesforce integration. This made the Client’s user interface more comfortable and efficient. The new interface saves a caller’s information, including their phone number, into Salesforce Tasks. It then relays that information to an Account, Contact or Salesforce Leads object.

There are a few steps that a Five9 user needs to go through. Our Salesforce Consultant helped our client to complete these steps:

  • Register on Five9 official web page
  • Install Five9 CTI Adapter Salesforce managed package
  • Configure Five9 Salesforce Integration for communication with Five9 server as well as creating tasks with caller details
  • Configure the Salesforce call center and authorize to Five9

This last step was quite vital. Our Salesforce Five9 experts had to configure the Salesforce call center for the Client specifically.

Moreover, our Salesforce Consultant also configured a Five9 List Sync Plus. The Five9 List Sync Plus is an additional package from Five9. The package is like the Salesforce Campaigns. It allows a user to add records to or remove records from the Five9 list that is hosted on the Five9 side. Five9 Salesforce Integration also allows users to better control their records. It does this by configuring rules and criteria.

Our Salesforce Consultant also implemented an automation on Salesforce side with the help of triggers, Workflow Rules, Flow and a Salesforce Process builder. The purpose of this automation was to fit the Five9 specifically to the Client’s business flows.

As a result, the Client’s call center agents became 20% more time and cost effective.