Top 20 CRM for Real Estate Industry in 2023


CRM Overview

The acronym CRM stands for 'Customer Relationship Management' program, which is used to engage and build relationships with customers and consumers. It is not just for a big corporation or a large scale business. Even if you are starting up or have a small scale business, CRM can be the central hub for your business for all company interactions with the current and future customers. CRM program does not only handle customer interactions, it basically provides a variety of functionality which can maintain or increase customer relationships. CRM systems track and monitor sales, manage customer’s data, convert data into information, predict sales, manage contacts, record activities, send emails (manual as well as auto), make calls, and dozens of other quality functionalities.  No matter what your business needs are, these functionalities, which are being intelligent day by day will be able to fulfill

The acronym CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Managementprogram, which is used to engage and build CRM can be on-premise or can be hosted on the cloud. There are various CRM systems currently in the market and some of them start with very minimal charge. You will be amazed to learn that basic CRM functionalities can be obtained for your business starting with as low as 12$ per user per month and some of them are available free with limited features.

When looking for a CRM for your company, there are various factors to consider, including functionalities your company needs, how much it costs and if it comes with all of the features. Having so many options available on the market, one needs to spend time researching and analyzing top systems to determine the ones you think are best for your type of business. The conclusions can be determined after looking at a number of factors such as, how simple it is to use, how much each CRM costs, and how well it integrates with other popular tools and programs. You can read more below about our recommendations, as well as what you should think about when choosing your CRM software


How CRM helps in Real Estate business?


The real estate agents have to crucially manage the multiple tasks which are required to sell, buy and lease properties while also keeping an eye on the finances. Aside these basic tasks, it is also crucial to generate new prospects and at the same time managing your clients’ specific requirements into consideration.

For a CRM to suit the requirements of a real estate agents, it needs to have some vital features to keep the processes run smoothly allowing multi-task at the same time. Below are some of the essential features that a CRM needs to be a good real estate CRM:

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01. Database Management System:

Gone are the days when all your data could be handled in a spreadsheet. The Database Management System provides better ways to store your data in databases and it is a lot easier to interact with your data that way.

02. Document Management System:

This is one of the most vital features a real estate company needs. From storing legal real estate documents to storing different forms, managing them and having them handy all the time is something a Real Estate CRM plays a large part in.

03. Automated Marketing Tools:

Sending brochures, offers and emailers to the potential client manually over mails takes a lot of time, adding to choosing which clients these should be sent. A Real Estate CRM helps you getting these things automated.

04. Website Monitoring Tool:

These tools keeps monitoring different websites for hot properties and which type of properties are in demand currently. This helps you in deciding which properties your clients would be interested in.

05. Nurturing Existing Relationships:

To keep loyal customers happy and in contact, it is very necessary to connect with them often. This increases the chances of them to rely more on your business for their real estate needs which helps in gaining recurring businesses from them.


Keep in mind that every CRM program has its own strengths and weaknesses. The one for you may or may not be the one that works for the Realtor next door. Before choosing the best one for you, would you not like to see some options? Let us see some CRM programs who have proved their efficiency in real world.


Top 20 CRM for Real Estate Industry:


Salesforce CRM: Best for Small and Growing Businesses

  • Salesforce is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution that offers everything a company of any scale needs and desires in CRM software.
  • Salesforce’s software is basically associated with larger enterprises and businesses, Salesforce has a small business edition to offer that lets you take advantage of the product’s robust resources and a set of quality CRM tools and at a small business friendly price.
  • Its key features include (and is not limited to) lead generation, sales forecasting, account and contact management, opportunity management, and workflow automation.
  • The solution also includes an advanced artificial intelligence system, Einstein. This AI program allows Salesforce to develop predictive features that make the program easier and more comfortable to operate resulting in more business for the subscribing companies.
  • Base fee: Starting $25 per user per month.

Propertybase for CRM Industry

  • Propertybase is an effective real estate CRM software program particularly developed for the contracts and marketing management. It performs well for both housing as well as marketable real estate agents and realtors.
  • It has following key features:
    • Document Management: Providing all the needed tools for the organization of legal and property related artifacts individually.
    • Email and SMS Marketing: Propertybase provides some of the most well systematized SMS and email marketing utilities to make property listings more visible to the potential clients.
    • Lease and Maintenance Management: It also provides a strong lease and maintenance management process for easy to handle transaction between realtors and buyers.
    • Mobile App: This CRM also offers mobile app for on the go efficient processes management.
    • Property Alerts: Notifications about the whereabouts of a deal is quite useful so that you do not miss out on important events.
  • Base fee: Starting $79 per user per month

Professional Help on implementing your Property Management System  

Every real estate company has its own mission and value. It is understandable there are unique needs of this industry’s various segments and your company can operate in multiple nations. To grow your real estate business steadily while efficiently managing the complexity of your business functions is not an easy task. It is a very good idea to take professional assistance in these cases.

Yardi is a leading provider of high-performance software solutions for your real estate business. Operating since 1984, Yardi has grown dramatically over the last three decades to become a trustworthy technical solution partner with thousands of dedicated professionals working in over 40 offices throughout North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. Yardi’s perfect blend of responsiveness, their vision and technical innovation will provide powerful solutions to your business needs.

It has proven to be a successful consulting service when you need professional help in building, organizing and maintaining your company’s software system. It will definitely optimize the software solution, boost the transaction time, lessen the manual efforts and improve your business’s revenue.


Zillow Premier Agent CRM

  • The Zillow Premier Agent CRM offers insight of clients which is unique and very resourceful. You will be able to monitor and track your clients’ Zillow search activities within the CRM itself, which provides you the information you require to offer them best.
  • Zillow also provides a mobile app which is free and enables you to answer to leads and progress your business on the go. Its ample set of utility features like creating tasks, custom notes, and reminders are additional help.
  • When you use the Zillow CRM, you will be the only agent prospective home buyers see on your property listing, eliminating competition. One possible downside of this CRM is that this tool can only be integrated Zillow and no other residential real estate websites.
  • Base fee: Free


  • Pipedrive is a simplified CRM which is designed to ease the experience for users. This CRM shows sales visuals by designing customized pipelines so you can monitor all the deals and watch where are they in the sales process.
  • Its noteworthy features are Google Calendar syncing, reminders and automation of tasks. The visual pipeline also enables you to create new deals, update contact data and take a sale’s while lifecycle from start to finish in one place. Its drag-and-drop UI for the pipeline is additional notable feature.
  • Pipedrive also provides a mobile app which can be integrated with famous third-party apps, like Asana, Trello, and Slack.
  • Base fee: Starting $12.5 per user per month.

HubSpot CRM for Real Estate Industry

  • HubSpot offers a free version that is significant enough to provide functionalities to improve processes and organization at zero cost.
  • It also offers users with varieties of training resources in its online library, including invoice template generators, learning guides, email signature generators and marketing plan template generators.
  • Out of all the competitors, HubSpot offers the best free version.
  • HubSpot, as an additional feature to offer to its customers, has added a content management system to its platform.
  • Base fee: Free | Starting $50 per user per month.

Zoho CRM for Real Estate Business

  • Easy to adopt, easy to use and inexpensive to subscribe, Zoho CRM offers users lots of functionality with respect to competitive price point of view.
    • Capturing Leads – Helps agents capture leads from different platforms like specific websites or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    • Case Management – Helps you differentiate deals and to track each deal separately with ease.
    • Marketing Analytics: It provides you great tools for analyzing the different marketing aspects for you to understand the possible client base and which stage do they prefer most.
  • Customization options are not that much extensive in comparison to its competitors; however, it offers many add-on apps which can fulfill your business needs.
  • Zoho offers click-to-install extensions via the Zoho Marketplace, and its easy adoption process makes it possible for businesses to build out a custom CRM solution without a specialist developer.
  • Base fee: Starting $12 per user per month.

Zendesk Sell / Base CRM

  • Zendesk Sell is a powerful CRM tool, which helps teams boost their productivity and improve pipeline visibility. This tool enables real estate companies with agents in different teams to stay connected and in sync.
  • Its major utilities include automating and tracking of emails, click to call feature, call capturing tools and sales scripts.
  • Its added tool is Reach, which automatically searches prospect. This tool is perfect for real estate agents who need to communicate with key participants in other businesses. Reach accumulates a list of possible leads based on company size, title, and industry.
  • Zendesk Sell also offers sales funnel monitoring and vigorous analytics to your agents, so that they know where their time is best utilized.
  • Base fee: Starting $19 per user per month.

Insightly CRM

  • The Insightly CRM enables you to create personalized user experience for your clients. This ensures your company that their valuable clients are being treated well.
  • There are many features which helps your teams to work smartly and they do not have to invest their efforts on doing manual activities. These features include lead tracking, bulk emailing, lead routing, etc.
  • There are dashboards to help you monitor your activities, how your real estate business is performing and to keep track of market trends.
  • Process oriented features like workflow automations, email alerts, workflows to create or update records based on conditions you set adds to its rich set of tools.
  • Base fee: Starting $29 per user per month

Real Estate CRM – LionDesk

  • LionDesk is an integrated CRM which provides an easily searchable platform for real estate professionals. The platform enables you to manage your clients effortlessly by tracking phone calls, emails and messages.
  • Its feature of creating shortcodes empowers your leads to contact your company from any location. These shortcodes can be used in signages or other materials.
  • The bulk email functionality along with workflow automations comes very handy and useful to your teams while performing process oriented tasks.
  • From uploading lead sources, setting up lead assignment rules and tracking lead status to mapping your contacts in terms of agents, buyers, managers and seller provides personalized services to your team members.
  • Base fee: Starting $21 per user per month


  • Freshsales is an imaginative CRM software program for real estate agents provided by Freshworks. It offers an in-built UI with a selection of real-world tools to help real estate agents and developers perform projects with minimized efforts.
  • The software provides an AI based real estate lead scoring which can automatically get, fulfil and send leads to the sales reps.
  • It comes with Intelligent Workflow Automation which provides all the required features to help in powering automated workflows for the sales and management teams at different phases of a project.
  • It offers an effective graphical UI with visual deal pipeline to flawlessly monitor the progress of individual projects.
  • Base fee: Starting $18 per user per month

B2B Bricks

  • B2B bricks is a very ideal real estate CRM program for Realtor Organizations as well as for individual agents. It offers customizable tools for the realtors to manage their work more efficiently.
  • B2B bricks offers Lead Capturing which helps capture appropriate leads from different online social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, automatically. It then engages your sales and marketing teams to start conversation with the leads.
  • With its Geo Tracking the advanced of geo tracking proficiencies of all the field agents’ activities can be monitored and later reviewed to increase their performance.
  • It also offers Task Automation which allows automation of multiple activities such as lead generation, sending of mailers and enabling notifications to progress processes efficiently in the sales funnel.
  • It provides the option of unlimited property and project catalogue and response apprehending for unified leads to sales transition.
  • Base fee: Starting $138 per user per year.


  • Contactually is a Compass enabled CRM explicitly built for individual real estate representatives, providing a drag and drop tool palette for pipeline management which saves effort and time.
  • Its lead qualification process powers you build automated tailored campaigns for leads irrespective of their state in the sales funnel. Additionally, you can save time with its automated workflow program.
  • Contactually also offers a remarkable recommendation feature that helps you retain connections with existing clients to reassure referrals, which keeps the relationship between your company and existing clients strong and keeps your pipeline durable.
  • It comes integrated with Google Workspace and Office 365, enabling you to synchronize your email and communication history in one place.
  • Base fee: Starting $69 per user per month.


  • Apptivo is a well-organized CRM software which enables you to access your project management utilities, billing systems, mail campaigns and contact information in one place.
  • It allows easy access of client data from anywhere, also it create powerful automated rules which mimeses your and your clients’ effort and time.
  • Additional features include the ability to work orders management, inventory management and assignment of sales areas to sales reps. You have the authority to create automated rules which can automatically assign leads to your agents.
  • It also fit in with tools that you may already be using in your organization such as Google Workspace, Slack, QuickBooks, Office 365, PayPal, Dropbox, etc. This enables you to accomplish all in one place without having to hop from app to app.
  • Base fee: Starting $10 per user per month.

DaeBuild CRM in Real Estate Industry

  • DaeBuild CRM is a very systematic real estate CRM. It offers various features and utilities to make your tasks automated and easier. Its communication gears are also impressive and comes handy when interacting with clients.
  • Its lead management helps capture appropriate leads from different platforms automatically. It then engages your sales and marketing teams to start conversation with the leads.
  • With its Cloud Telephony, connecting with buyers, sellers, and potential clients are efficient. Additionally, it provides tools for inbuilt telephonic sales and call recording.
  • Its document management providing all the needed tools for the organization of legal and property related artifacts individually is a great help.
  • Demo and pricing plans are available on request.


  • If you are looking to streamlining your real estate business, then LeadSquared is one of the best CRM system for you. It provides monitoring of lead sources such as phone chat, social media platforms or websites.
  • With its Catch Sales Signals, one can automatically monitor capable leads from all probable platforms where you are functional.
  • It offers Custom Reporting for you to get custom systematic reports as per your company’s performance metrics.
  • You can capture leads from various platforms and distribute them among your sales reps easily
  • Base fee: Starting $200 per user per month.


  • RealOffice360 is a very useful CRM for your real estate business. Its main advantage over other CRMs is that it offers a free lifetime version. Progressing and monitoring your sales progress in each state is easy.
  • It offers organized features and tools for client management to arrange your leads and helps you keep their particulars systematically.
  • With its Deal Tracking, it enables you to track the development of the progresses in sales for each customer and seller.
  • It assists in well-organized time management for project members to help accelerate the deals in the pipeline.
  • It makes miscellaneous tools available for creating leads which includes marketing units. It also offers social media and website monitoring.
  • Base fee: Starting free for lifetime | Premium usage starts $19 per user per month

Streak CRM for Real Estate

  • Unlike many other CRMs, Streak CRM is especially designed and developed for real estate businesses. If your company uses a Google Workspace, it possibly will be the right choice for you. Streak supports the tracking of the deals directly from your Gmail inbox. By handling your interactions in your existing inbox without switching systems can save huge effort.
  • You can use it directly on your web browser which minimizes onboarding and removes the adoption phase. You can install the free extension in your web browser and you are all set to use the tool with your Google apps.
  • It offers free and Solo versions as well which come with significant features like maintaining pipeline, email monitoring, systematic mail categorization, tasks, and notifications.
  • Base fee: Starting free. Solo version starts $15 per user per month.

Wise Agent

  • Wise Agent is a very powerful all in one CRM for real estate companies. It offers unified transaction management, time management tools, innovative automation, and an essential database for all of your customer data.
  • Wise Agent helps you maintain each part of your business in one place.
  • You can design optimized home pages on your website, automate lead classifications and contact management, and accumulate all of your conversations into an integrated interface. Additionally, it offers WordPress plugin to create lead capture forms on your website.
  • Base fee: Starting $29 per user per month.

Real Geeks

  • Real Geeks CRM offers automated provision for real estate businesses. Agents are notified through email or mobile when leads enter the system, enabling them to follow up instantly.
  • It also allows managers to monitor agent liability and efficiency for optimum performance and training opportunities.
  • It also comes with features for you to create an IDX website for your real estate company without requiring to code it from the scratch. Having this website creation feature, you can enlist properties from your desired geographies, design home pages for your individual agents, and create a landing page for potential property sellers.
  • Base fee: One need to contact them for rates.

Conclusion: Choosing Best CRM for your business

For any real estate companies, it is very important to discover new leads and maintain their relationship with existing customers. In fact, for the growth of all businesses, be it small or large, the company needs the sales team to get the most qualified prospects and pray for them to close at a higher rate.

There are several ways customers can be attracted and engaged with different platforms. Below are some of the proven ones.

  • Personalized messaging – Connect with them with their historical information in hand.
  • Service delivery via social channels – Be aware and available when they are looking for a product or service.
  • Built-in social advertising – Reach to the customers via social media platforms.
  • Engagement of the leads on company’s contents.
  • Personalized actions based on analytics on the lead.
  • Personalized and data driven content uses AI to tailor emails based on individual customer experience.
  • Transparent reporting.
  • One-to-one advertising.
  • Discovering new lookalike audiences, integrating with Facebook, Google, etc.
  • Putting together email nurture campaigns with sales teams help build better lead scoring.

Keeping above points in mind, it is obvious that companies nowadays are more focused on ads targeting, social listening and monitoring. With these in mind, Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud is the perfect choice which has features such as Social Studio, ads or SMS targeting along with high scalability. Apart from that, Salesforce is proven to be the best CRM for Small and Growing Businesses. Choosing Salesforce will also ensure that when your business is growing rapidly, you have the scalable software infrastructure to support it. Its association with larger enterprises and businesses like Google, Facebook, etc. and features like advanced artificial intelligence system – Einstein, will help your business grow faster than ever before.

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