Why Salesforce Is a Valuable Tool for IT Companies


Salesforce for IT is a simple and effective tool for automating processes, building external and internal connections, and purposefully moving towards sales growth and industry development. The value of the tool lies in the combination of its ease of use with the important features it offers to the IT business.

The Salesforce platform is revolutionizing the way we go about solving problems. At the same time, the product offers many opportunities for a radically new, modern, and high-quality approach to generating a stream of leads and processing applications.

It is impossible to describe all the benefits of using Salesforce – there are too many of them. Moreover, the platform is not quite a traditional CRM system. It allows you to customize the functionality for specific needs, and it is these flexible settings that can be decisive in your case. Therefore, let’s look at the platform in general terms to understand the reasons for its popularity and see how it can be useful specifically in your case.


Why Does Business Need CRM?


Building strong and mutually beneficial relationships with a customer base is the main task of any company, not only in the IT industry. Building strong relationships with customers is a responsible and important job.

It is usually assigned to managers who have to:

  • maintain gliders and to-do lists
  • send alerts and notifications
  • organize meetings
  • monitor the correct distribution of tasks within the team
  • control the process of their implementation

As a result of this work, you have to maintain a database with customer data, draw up reports, make analytical forecasts, and much more.

The range of tasks is so wide that it is often beyond the power of one leader. But it is with these tasks that CRM helps to cope. By simplifying customer interactions and helping to organize internal workflows, the platform frees up resources and helps to allocate them so that they are focused on the company’s growth in the market and determine its success. Automation of processes within the company and proper organization of available resources are the main benefits of using Salesforce.

Also, the CRM system gives more understanding of what the client really needs. It provides an opportunity to build a path from a lead to a loyal customer and also helps predict the success of marketing campaigns. The implementation of competitive business strategies in the IT market without the use of such a platform already seems unlikely or almost impossible.


Why Are IT Companies Using Salesforce in Their Work?


Salesforce for IT and other industries today acts as a cloud platform with the ability to connect additional modules, integrate with other useful services, and fine-tune the entire ecosystem as a whole to suit your needs.

And although the product began its history as an ordinary CRM platform, now, it is a powerful integrated platform that brings companies closer to people and simplifies routine processes to such an extent that it is extremely difficult to imagine how the IT industry, in general, could do without such a useful tool.

The complex advantages of Salesforce gradually led the platform to become the market leader, eclipsing all similar products, even self-written ones, because it does not require server space, is suitable for solving all urgent tasks, integrates without problems with other services, and offers an extremely low price for provided software.

As a result, the main advantages of Salesforce are:

  • Personalized interaction with clients.
  • Increased customer loyalty due to a more sensitive attitude towards them and flexibility of approaches.
  • Optimization of routine in the work of IT departments and companies.
  • Creation of custom reports required for executives and managers.
  • Increase in company revenues and conversions.

So, the CRM fully meets the needs of the IT sector, which makes this platform a valuable and useful tool for successful promotion in the market. The advantages of Salesforce lie in the most complete set of options that the CRM is ready to offer its users.


Benefits of Using Salesforce in IT


The Salesforce for IT platform is attracting more and more attention from both large corporations and owners of small companies, who already intend to successfully compete in the market and provide customers with quality services and worthy products. The platform’s popularity is due to the sheer number of advantages of Salesforce that this ecosystem is ready to offer the IT industry.

This has a revolutionary impact on understanding business processes and building relationships with customers and within the team. And if you look at the features of the platform, it turns out that it is not accidentally leading the market and so strongly influences modern approaches to business.


Quick Access to Any Data


For the IT industry, whose activities are directly dependent on timely access to any work data, it is very important to organize a system that will become a reliable source of work information. Advantages of Salesforce include quick and easy access to any data.

The platform works in the cloud, which means that information can be obtained not only directly from the work computer but even from the mobile. It helps to:

  • better understand the tasks and needs of clients.
  • ensure high-quality interaction between different departments or members of the same working group.
  • always be aware of priority and important tasks and focus on this data in your schedule.
  • not miss important news. All the details regarding the tasks to be performed are always at hand for both managers and project executors.

Instead of a huge number of spreadsheets and files, there is a single work ecosystem where interactions with customers, completing tasks, communication between team members, and reporting take place. The information is structured, visualized, and categorized in the most convenient way. Thus, solving many business issues becomes more efficient and pleasant, and customer management is as efficient as possible.


Improving Customer Engagement


Among the benefits of using Salesforce, the most prominent feature is the ability to view every contact, event, task, and other customer data. This makes it easier to track and organize leads, which provides a comprehensive and competent approach to business process management.

In addition, team members can back up each other if someone is free while the other employee is busy with more urgent or important tasks. Thus, real potential clients are not left without due attention, and all tasks are evenly distributed among team members and performed at the appointed time.


Successful Time Management


The art of good planning includes the need to organize a team and manage time. One of the key benefits of using Salesforce is that the manager and every team member see the priority of tasks and start implementing them accordingly.

Effective task management is facilitated by the built-in calendar as well as a tool for visualizing tasks with the distribution of those by day, week, month, or even year.

All customer data are also collected in a single register, which plays a key role in the process of planning and organizing work in accordance with the real capabilities of the team and their schedule. Thus, it is possible to keep up with everything, including the schedule, and achieve exactly the results that everyone expected. In this case, Salesforce serves as the very tool that helps to keep everything important and paramount insight and also not to forget less critical but mandatory tasks.

This approach is especially useful if the company has to work with a large number of customers using different tariff plans.


Effective Teamwork


In large IT companies, communication and interaction between different departments become more complicated. Sometimes, it is completely shifted onto the shoulders of project managers, who, instead of direct tasks of communication with clients, try to qualitatively influence the process of interaction in the team. This use of resources is inefficient and inappropriate, which is why Salesforce for IT comes to the rescue.

When quality collaboration is required between all team members, Salesforce’s Chatter option helps. This feature allows you to add to the group all team members who are working on the same task. This gives all team members instant access to important information, allows coordinating their actions, discussing important details, and paying special attention to the tasks that require it.

Thus, the speed of work on a project is increased through correct and effective communication. At the same time, the resources and efforts of the organizer are channeled into the mainstream of sales growth and increase in conversions. With such an organization and so many advantages of Salesforce, every team member wins. As a result, the customer can count on fulfilling the order faster and better. Cohesive work means high productivity without wasting resources and time, and at the end of a certain period, the importance of this factor becomes especially noticeable and even expressed in financial terms.


Advantageous Differences between Salesforce and Analogs


Traditional CRM may not be suitable for IT companies. And in this regard, Salesforce compares favorably with peers due to the fact that it offers much more, covering all the needs that arise in this type of business. Several features of the Salesforce platform become critical in the selection process. They include the following factors:

  • Easy and fast software installation.
  • Simplified integration of Salesforce with third-party apps like Gmail.
  • An easy process of customizing software for the needs of a particular company.
  • Platform availability and portability. Since Salesforce is a cloud-based product, it can be accessed from any gadget and wherever there is a high-quality and stable Internet connection.
  • The Salesforce mobile app opens up additional opportunities for using the platform and allows all team members to stay connected and updated with all the news and updates.
  • For the functioning of a CRM, a separate server and its maintenance are not required since all data are located in the cloud.
  • Salesforce is a responsive and flexible ecosystem that is not tied to specific business processes or redefined page layouts.
  • It is easy to integrate additional applications from those offered by AppExchange into Salesforce for IT Many software vendors offer API links to Salesforce, which simplifies the interaction of systems, and this process remains almost invisible for the user.

The countless benefits of using Salesforce make this platform one of the best assistants for organizing business processes in an IT company. So far, the platform gives much more than other CRMs are ready to offer, and therefore, it is a valuable finding for the IT industry. This does not mean that there are no analogs. However, the advantages of Salesforce, which one can consider even with a cursory acquaintance with the platform, are decisive factors that, with the right approach, can provide tangible help in competing in the IT market.