Salesforce for Small Business


Salesforce for Small Business – Overview

A small scale business means a corporation or an enterprise which is characterized by somewhat low initial investment, a small number of employees and comparatively low sales volume as compared to regular sized business companies or corporations. These companies are mostly privately owned companies and a sole trader kind of business mostly. These are the types of industries that produce goods and services on a small scale.


Small scale companies have many advantages in hand and often considered as the deal catchers. Small companies’ advantages include – Independence from large size stakeholders, financial rewards, creative freedom, etc. However, the small scale companies have many disadvantages as well, these disadvantages include less brand recognitions, financial risks, higher cost, time management, smaller budget, price competition, etc. On one hand, some of these risks can be taken care of once the business starts expanding, on the other hand, some of these disadvantages like brand recognition, time management and even budget related can be mitigated by taking help of nowadays technologies.

Salesforce is one of the best cloud-based software companies and its technology is one of the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools and technology and is still upcoming with more and more enhancements. You do not have to be too big to bring the world’s most powerful sales tools for only $25/month.


Salesforce is in the cloud and it can grow and scale with any size business. It has sales cloud, service cloud and marketing cloud. Sales cloud is for products and sales related businesses, services cloud is for customer service related businesses and marketing cloud is for right marketing for any kind of business. Additionally, it has a marketplace where thousands of apps and tools are available which can be leveraged by any company without any extra infrastructure and increased costs. Some of these apps are free to use and some of them have paid buying options.

All the information on prospects, customers, and leads are stored on a single online platform and everyone in your business has access to the latest data all the time. No more the headaches of version controls or out of date spreadsheets. Even if you need to ensure that the sales reps have access to the information they need when they are out at customer meetings, you don’t have to worry as the Salesforce CRM system is fully mobile, so the data is available on any connected device, at any time – including smartphones, iPad, notebooks, etc.


What is CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. In a nutshell, CRM lets you store and manage leads and customer information, like accounts, contact info, sales opportunities, and leads in one centralized location. You’ll explore that it is not just a fancy contact list. A CRM solution is ultimately a game-changing piece of technology for every industry out there — from manufacturing and retail, to construction, real estate, and many more.


As a result, CRM can help you:

  • Drive customer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Increase leads
  • Close more deals, faster

Salesforce provides you all you need to work faster and smarter, and help you keep your clients and customers happy.

Salesforce, on an average, helps the businesses boost their sales by 37%. But the advantages of the Salesforce CRM for small business do not end when you make a sale. There are customer service benefits, too. These solutions help businesses to build stronger relationships with their current customers, and  increase the chances of winning new ones, accelerate business growth, and earn more revenue. Smart and intelligent marketing automations help you put your focus on resources on the tasks that really add value  to the company, while a common platform for all the information helps to build stronger relationships across all the company’s channels, including customer call centers, social, Web, and email.  We will talk about some of the most useful and common tools which helps almost all businesses.

1.Reports and Dashboards

A well built report may answer these questions very easily. And when you have tools like Salesforce Reports, it becomes even easier as most of the things are automated and quite handy. A Salesforce Report is a list of records that satisfies automated and quite handy. A Salesforce Report is a list of records that satisfies the defined criteria. It is presented in Salesforce in rows and columns, and can be grouped or filtered. It can also be displayed in a graphical chart. Every report is saved in a folder inside Salesofrce. These folders can be hidden, shared or public based on the business needs. To view or modify the report also authorization can be defined very easily. These reports can be exported as well for an offline use.

Whereas, a Salesforce Dashboard is a visualization of trends and key metrics for the records in your organization. The link between a Salesforce Dashboard and a Salesforce Report is 1:1 i.e. for every dashboard, there will be a single underlying report. However, the same report can be used in different dashboard pages on a single dashboard (e.g., you can use the same report in both a pie chart and bar chart). Just like reports, dashboards are also stored in folders and have authorization mechanisms for any action to be performed on it.

Salesforce for Small Business
2.Email to Salesforce
3.Case Escalation Rules
4.Web to Case
5.Suggested Solutions
6.Reports that Focus on Support Activity
8.Standard Communication Templates

Salesforce CRM for Small Business – All in one Sales and Support App

Sales and Service All in one App offered by Salesforce starting from Essential edition is starting from 25 USD per user per month. This includes basic features for your sales teams and support teams. The features include the following:

  • Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity Management – Manage the entire sales cycle from tracking sales leads and opportunities to managing account and individual contact details in one place.
  • Case Management – Manage the entire case lifecycle from a single system. Automatically create cases from web or email, send auto-responses, and route work to the right queue or agent for faster, more accurate case resolution.
  • Service Console App(s) – Boost agent productivity and deliver everything an agent needs to close cases faster all on one screen.
  • Lead assignment and routing – Route hot leads to the right reps and view the impact of your marketing activities on your sales pipeline.
  • Duplicate blocking – Improve CRM data quality by preventing duplicates, so data is more usable, reliable, and relevant.
  • Web-to-lead capture – Generate leads with the prospecting data from your company’s website visitors.
  • Customisable sales process – Easily personalise your team’s sales milestones with a sales path.
  • Opportunity Management – Track key details about every deal, such as stage, quotes, products, and more.
  • Mass email – Create targeted email lists for events. Provide updates and more for your prospects and customers. Automatically track which leads or contacts received emails.
  • Campaign Management – Manage and track marketing campaigns across all channels. Make more informed decisions and see their impact on your sales pipeline.
  • Email templates – Create form emails to communicate consistently with customers and prospects.
  • Salesforce Mobile App – Run your business from your phone — collaborate with your team, close deals, service customers, and deliver personalised marketing from anywhere.
  • Full Offline Mobile Functionality – Continue using the Salesforce mobile app, including creating new records, even without connectivity. Your data will sync once you’re back online.
  • Customisable reports and dashboards – Make more informed, consistent decisions with real-time custom pipeline reports and dashboards.
  • Chatter – Collaborate throughout your company and with outside parties.
  • Files – Share and collaborate on key files relevant to each deal.
  • Topics and Recommendations – Automatically get the most up-to-date content and recommendations on what to follow and join.
  • Lightning App Builder – Build apps visually using a library of prebuilt and custom components in this drag-and-drop environment.
  • AppExchange – Install prebuilt apps, flows, and components from AppExchange to accelerate time to market.
  • Customisable Profiles and Page Layouts – Manage read/write permissions for different user profiles, and control which fields different users see on every record.
  • File Storage per user – Each edition includes a stated minimum storage to be shared by all users. Additional storage is available per-org.
  • Google Apps integration – Stay in sync with your favourite productivity apps, including Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, and Slides.
  • Email integration with Outlook
Salesforce for Small Business value

Apart from these, there are several very useful add-ons that can bring efficiency to your daily business.

Included Support:

Every edition includes 48 hours response time, interactive webinars, customer service community, events, guided journeys, and much more.

Complete Sales Solution for Any Size Team:

Salesforce provides specific features for sales targeting companies and businesses. With this, you may deliver buying experiences to every one of your customers which is personalised as well. Which helps in building reliable customers for a long time at every interaction. Connect sales, service, billing, finance, and marketing teams to help each prospect through a certain adn personalised customer journey. You can use every second by standardized processes, automated manual jobs, and access information on any device, even offline. Increase team impact with forecasts, guidance, and insights from built-in AI.

It will definitely help you to expand your reach, and change your strategies on-the-fly. Evolving your sales strategy, whether you need to switch to a new business, a new market or just a new place. Planning territories, visualizing team performance, tracking rep executions, and more can be easily achieved using Salesforce Sales features.


Sales Solution offered by Salesforce also starts from Essential edition and is starting from 25 USD per user per month. This includes basic all of the above mentioned sales related features for your sales team. Additionally, it offers below features:

  • Guided onboarding and setup
  • Automatically track emails & meetings
  • Manage leads, opportunities, & accounts
  • Create custom dashboards & reports
  • Deliver social, chat, and email support
  • Save time with customer self-service

Complete Customer Service Solution for Any Size Team:

Specific solutions for customer services targeting companies and businesses are provided by Salesforce through Service cloud. With this, you will be able to quickly respond to customer queries or needs on any channel. Your team can do this even from home. You can get rapid and quite reliable case resolution with a complete customer view. There are always helpful tools and insights available driven through smart algorithms, which will suggest solutions to the service teams. Service teams can then very efficiently choose from the suggested solutions without wasting time finding the right solution.

You may empower customers with engaging communities and portals. Portals and communities are designed specifically for guest users or for the users who are not from your organization. These help in building web pages that your customers may access to lodge their complaints or to put their queries.

Apart from above, you may communicate and deliver personalised support across channels, including messaging, and digital channels like chat and social. Scaling support and increasing agents’ productivity with smart  Artificial Intelligence powered chatbots and solutions are additional remarkable modern day solutions, which not only saves lots of time and does automated jobs, but also shows your customers you are using the latest tech.

Customer Service Solution offered by Salesforce also starts from Essential edition and is starting from 25 USD per user per month. This includes basic all of the above mentioned service related features for your sales team. Additional features include below:

  • Service Contracts and Entitlements – Track and manage specific warranties, subscriptions, or maintenance agreements.
  • Knowledge – Centralise your organisation’s knowledge with a complete set of authoring tools to accelerate case resolution with intelligently suggested articles for customers and agents.
  • Omni-channel routing (basic) – Deliver more efficient support by routing cases to the right agent.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) – Easily integrate Service Cloud with all of the most popular telephony systems.
  • Social Customer Service – Connect with your customers and create cases from social channels.
  • Chat (Live Agent) – With limited features, deliver service on the channels your customers prefer with our Live Agent online chat capability.
  • Facebook Messenger – With limited features, have real-time messaging conversations over Facebook Messenger.
  • Case auto-assignment
  • Web and email case capture
  • Case email auto-response
  • Case escalation rules and queue
Salesforce Tools for Small Business

Suite of Marketing Automation for Any Size Team

Grow rapidly with the marketing automation edition that suits your company. Keep inspiring B2C (business to consumer) and B2B (business to business) audiences with smartly automated marketing journeys. Below are some of the mind blowing features which are at the top of the market.

decor blue
decor blue
01. Social Studio - Starting from 1000 USD per org per month.

● Collate feedback from service, sales and marketing teams.

● Gain post level tracking of company mentions.

● Monitoring of audience discussion based on machine learning.

● Get a picturised view of the customer's action across social and other channels.

● Service delivery via social channels.

● Built-in social advertising.

● Digital insights – Track interactions from leads, their feedback, etc.

● Individual response to customers.

02. Advertising Studio – Starting from 2000 USD per month.

● Discover endless benefits of one-to-one advertising.

● Trusted Salesforce architecture and security ensure company’s data is safe.
● Synchronizing customer’s data from any digital channel makes the information up to date, whether the campaign is for dozens of customers or for millions. Targeting customer’s preferred channel.

● Integrate the campaign with sales, service and marketing teams to put the perfect ad for the right person.
● Discover new lookalike audiences, integrating with Facebook, Google, etc.

● Build more efficient campaigns by optimizing them. Dynamically remove and increase campaigns.
● Integrate email and ad campaigns to reach more of the audiences.

● Putting together email nurture campaigns with sales teams help build better lead scoring. This can be achieved when Pardot and Sales Cloud are connected.
● Creating Facebook campaigns for a greater reach.

● Google search optimization will surely increase the rate of interest.

03. Interaction Studio – For pricing visit Salesforce website to raise query.

● This helps in coordinating engagements wherever the customers are interacting.

● Beyond digital connects – engage with customers through online, offline (such as call centers), in-store POS, and even ATMs.

● Interact with customers in the channels they prefer.

● Anticipating next interaction and conversation. Inspire customers to take action.

● Listen and monitor customer’s activities across owned channels.

● Prioritize critical and urgent offers, messages and interactions.

● Trigger events for sales, marketing and services teams in real time for engagement.


Salesforce for Small Business Customization And User Training Cost

To calculate the cost of customization there is no predefined formula and it will always depend on the diversity and complexity of the business’ internal processes and the corresponding technical understandability which is used for building the right solution. Solutions based on point-and-click tools, like default reports and dashboards or users, their profiles and permission sets are comparatively much cheaper than the changes introduced with code creation. This cost of customization can be anywhere between 2 thousands USD to 30 thousands USD

Salesforce for Small Business Pricing
Salesforce editions for Small Business pricing

based on the complexity. Lower cost means that you are using mostly Salesforce’s out of the box features, which can be very efficient and perfect for small size businesses. Higher costs are for complex changes that need complex programming often to handle complex business scenarios which can not be handled by Salesforce in-house tools.

User training costs basically will depend on the training form (it can be a self-learning or may be an instructor-led training), number of trainees and their type (technical users or end users), and the hourly rate of a training provider. Most of the Salesforce’s study trails are free of cost available online on their site and can be learnt by the users themselves. However, if there is a need for user training by an instructor, it shall be approx. 5 to 10 USD per trainee per hour.

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