How Salesforce Can Help Your Real Estate Business


The real estate industry is going through hard times. The reasons for this phenomenon are different: rapidly growing competition, tightening of regional laws, quarantine restrictions, and other factors. Agents, brokers, realtors, and the real estate industry as a whole have to choose: leave the market and make way for those who are more purposeful or adapt and tame the market and turn all current realities into their allies. If your company chooses the second path, the Salesforce for real estate tool is right for you.


What Is Salesforce for Property Management?


Salesforce is a real estate CRM tailored to the real needs of the industry. It integrates perfectly with other services, opening up a huge pool of useful tools and opportunities for users to grow sales and improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. It is also a powerful tool that simplifies the daily routine of agents, realtors, and brokers.

Salesforce real estate CRM allows you to update the database of available properties and customer requests, combining this information into a single stream. At the same time, the base opens on any device, including mobile gadgets, which allows you to access it anytime and anywhere.

Other Salesforce features:

  1. Remote update of notes.
  2. Prompt check of client statuses.
  3. Configuring additional options.
  4. Tracking questionnaires and appointments.
  5. Integration with social media and the ability to communicate via Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms without leaving CRM.

In addition to the fact that Salesforce for property management shows itself as an effective tool, it is also an excellent solution to receive notifications and alerts on time without unnecessary loads to navigate all the information that will help to conclude the maximum number of profitable deals within a certain period.


The Main Difficulties of the Market and How Real Estate CRM Can Help


It is impossible to single out just one problem that a business has to grapple with; so, let’s break it down step by step to see how the Salesforce real estate CRM can help deal with it.

  1. People have less money to invest in real estate.

This was due to the pandemic on one hand and new laws on taxation of transactions related to the sale or purchase of houses, apartments, garages, and different objects on the other. Some potential customers look at offers but do not complete the deal.

The second category of people is actively looking for the most profitable options, and they sign an agreement only if all or the majority of their requests are satisfied. All of them can become clients of your company and go through the entire journey of the customer to the very end. But you need to notice real needs in time and understand how to quickly satisfy them. And already at this stage, real estate CRM comes to the rescue.

2. There are interesting offers from developers and owners. This information is tracked through various channels.

Part of the payload is passed by the agent. In the meantime, the use of Salesforce for property management helps bring different information channels and disparate databases into a single stream, where everyone in the company can easily track everything.

3. Some appointments, dates, phone numbers, and other important data are recorded on scraps of paper, on the last page of a notebook, in notes.

In such a chaos of information, it is easy to forget even a particularly important meeting, come to the wrong place, or confuse the time. When a real estate CRM appears at hand instead of an outdated portfolio with a set of notebooks, all requests are processed on time. You will see a reminder of when and where you need to be, with whom to meet, what documents to take with you, etc. It is much easier to do business with this approach.


Benefits of Salesforce for Real Estate Agents


There are many reasons to choose Salesforce for real estate agents. Salesforce for property management gradually removes the obvious inconvenience and provides tangible benefits that become decisive in this type of business. Among them are:

  1. Integration of multiple channels. There is no need to track all sources of information to have complete and most up-to-date data and apply them in your business.
  2. The tool makes it possible to manage potential customers and track their activity. This way, you can quickly adapt to the real needs of the market, take into account current demands, and respond to the current situation in an adequate way. The result of this approach to processes is the ability to quickly rebuild and save money.
  3. Instead of several storages of information, there is a common channel. This eliminates the need to check every source of information separately, speeds up response times, and increases the efficiency of the entire company and every individual agent.
  4. The adaptability of the Salesforce Real Estate CRM tool to different devices is a real gift for agents who have to stay mobile and spend a lot of time on the road without the possibility to use a desktop to solve work tasks.

Less time and resources are spent, and impressive results, high efficiency, flexibility, and agility are demonstrated – everything that the current realities of the real estate industry require from a modern real estate agent.

Salesforce not only covers the needs of individual agents and realtors but also provides significant assistance to large companies and agencies when they have to manage several projects, maintain a lot of reporting, and deal with different types of transactions. The most important thing is that the key task is being solved: increasing conversions from a potentially interested audience to grateful customers. Thus, it turns out to increase sales, and, as a result, income.


Salesforce for Real Estate Is Transforming the Business


For modern realities in the real estate sector, efficiency, adaptability, agility, and high efficiency of the actions taken are important. Only such a mix will help the company become successful in the real estate industry. Now, you know exactly how these factors are amplified with the implementation of Salesforce for real estate.

The tool strengthens the company in every key aspect, thus giving the business an added advantage and the ability to get far ahead.

A professional CRM improves the quality of interaction with customers, allowing each of them to feel personal care. The quality of the agent’s service improves even though one has to deal with different objects and several customers at the same time.

On one hand, the agent has complete data on the client’s requests. On the other hand, one is given access to a complete and up-to-date database, which helps figure out whether, among the existing proposals, there is one most suitable for solving a specific problem. It becomes easier to navigate and help a specific person who turned to the company, and the customer completes the deal with the feeling that he/she found exactly what he/she was looking for. Both sides are satisfied. Thus, Salesforce is actually a good example of a great win-win strategy in business.

Stay competitive, leave those who are still hesitant to modernize their businesses far behind, and use new tools. Salesforce for real estate is your guarantee that everything will turn out exactly the way you want it.