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Salesforce CPQ

What Salesforce CPQ Implementation Can Really Do For You?

Salesforce CPQ. Smart small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) are looking to streamline the entire opportunity-to-quote-to-order-process, including product selection, configuration, pricing, quoting, ordering, and approval workflows. It is vital for the business as it’s an initial journey of the prospect, which can be converted as an opportunity. CPQ is a powerful tool which helps to manage prices for all the product and services.


What is Salesforce CPQ?

CPQ Salesforce, or Configure, Price, Quote Software by Salesforce is a sales tool for companies to provide accurate pricing with any given product configuration scenario. CPQ applications take into account optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts, allowing sales reps to quickly and accurately quote prices. Salesforce CPQ Implementation gives your sales team easy-to-use software available on any device due to its cloud-based platform.



Key features of the Salesforce CPQ:


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01. Guided Sales:

The idea of speeding up the sales cycle is the right thing for anyone tasked with generating revenue. Delivering the same revenue in less time frees up costly sales teams to focus on the next big deal.
Salesforce CPQ enables sales reps to create quotes with high accuracy quickly. Accurate pricing and discounting are ensured, and approvals are automatically routed whenever necessary. It will auto apply the rule of the promotion and calculate the price based on the configured bundle or Price Rule.

02. Efficient & Productive:

Salesforce CPQ comes up with could application and Zero downtime compilation, which will allow to update the quote price or calculation within friction of time. It will boost speed to target the client also the efficiency of the Sales Team as within the same limit of time they can target more number of clients.

03. Lower risk:

As a Sales team member, It’s challenging to manage all the amended Quotation, as on the same or updated item, multiple calculations need to be applied based on product quantity.CPQ allows making it automate and guided changes to reduce human errors.

04. Artificial Intelligence:

Salesforce CPQ has a massive number of integrations with powerful application such as Salesforce Einstein, which will allow making logic to predict what would be the estimated output or Profit.

05. Client Satisfaction:

You can deliver any amendment of the quote with the real-time based on build logic when offers and discounts are applied. This will allow providing better customer experience as just on a button click output will be on your screen.

06. Integrated Application:

CPQ Application can be easily integrated with other applications like CRM ↔ CPQ ↔ ERP. It will make life easy of the down system to process the data as most of the twist of data work will be handled from CPQ.


Hands-On Salesforce CPQ Experiences


Salesforce CPQ Implementation steps.

Package Installation:

Salesforce has provided sample org to the business partner/Client or Developer to take hands-on the application. You can use a trial version for the company or developer Enterprise application as a Developer to get features of the Salesforce CPQ.
You can install only Salesforce CPQ, Service Cloud for Salesforce CPQ and other packages can also be installed. It is to be noted that the license is valid for 3 months only. Install the latest version of the package in your developer instance.

This application comes with too many features but the primary feature of the application is “To create new products and make them sellable with less time” which is very easy to achieve from this powerful tool application.

Problem Solving:

In a real-life scenario if we talk about MNC Company or Service provider Company, Millions of facing target audience and each has different criteria.

Let’s take an example – If we talk about Telecom industry there are millions of customers to the companies as its one of the biggest market in the world. In this era, everyone uses a smartphone and every user has different requirements of the services such as Voice services, Internet, Speed, limit and cycle of the payment.

Some of the user wants to make the server for a Year where some of them want for a month or three months. The company will always encourage the user to go with the best offer and discount if they are high revenue-generating clients or individuals. So they will give offers and promotions based on a number of different requirements. Every festival, if you see company, came up with varied offers and features based on the market need. There are plenty of services, and every time a couple has multiple services, a quantity offer or discount will be different.

Salesforce CPQ provides features of Product Bundle and Rule, which will allow the Sales team to deal with such a scenario. Salesforce CPQ comes up with such features where based on different criteria, the cost can be updated automatically without any manual apply for promotion.


Know Your Customer


What Customer is looking for?

When you are selling a product or service to the customer, most important is your audience and what they are looking for.
What happens if you don’t know the customer requirement? You will have an unhappy customer. It is a loss in all terms of the business.

When a customer asks about the quotation, it means he is looking for something which is not yet finalized. The customer is trying to collect the information about the item or service which is going to be purchased.

It is an important time to attract the customer as he can be re-directed to any other options which are more attractive. For example we have multiple broadband connection provider in the market. Still, before buying a service, we try to collect the information, features, reviews and most crucial response time of the service. Salesforce CPQ provides a solution where the user will get all the information with a few minutes with printed document Quotation.

Generating a PDF is like peanut butter for the Salesforce CPQ, where all the details will be present, which will make a more understandable quotation to the user.

Selection of Product:

Salesforce CPQ made product selection very easy for the quotes where products can be easily added. Newly created product will automatically updated and the old one will be removed, which is expired.

Salesforce Provide a Guided selling process where a selection of the process will be automatically popup when you select the product. It is an Artificial Intelligence based on algorithm calculation, which will predict the product’s selection based on customer details such as name, region, language, profession, industry, etc.

Bundle Product is the Key feature of the Salesforce, which will allow Salesforce to create a group of products where the number of rules will be applied.
There are many of the products which are dependent on each other. This kind of product can be grouped with a defined rule for selling.

Let’s take an example of the SIM Card. There are a number of the operationі in the market who is providing different type of services but if you see most of them come with some Product Plan, let’s say Easter Plan offer, Christmas plan offer or Year-end plan offer and many more these are nothing just a Bundle Product where number of the service product combined based on the target customer.

The given image includes the plans from the different companies where all products are combined with a different set of services based on requirements.

Sr. NoServices Operator-1Operator-2Operator-3
Product 1Voice2000Min/Month25000Min/Month1000Min/Month
Product 2Internet Limit10 GB15 GB8 GB
Product 3VASVoice mailRing back toneM-commerce
Product 4Speed1GBPS2GBPS1GBPS

Based on the number of service and volume of the item, the amount of the service will be varied. To make it attractive companies provide a different discount based on customer needs or to create a monopoly in the market

Salesforce CPQ provides a feature where discounts can be applied to various factors. Subscription products also will have the same number of features which apply the discount automatically. Even for the more approach, the agent manager can apply more discounts. The manger will have a different role and profile, which will allow him to make changes. That privilege will not be accessible for the entire salesperson.

Auto-Renewal Process:
Salesforce CPQ Implementation automates the Contract renewal process, which will intimate to the customer based on the expiration of the contract end. Before the end of the contract system will generate the notification, and based on that opportunity can be created where the sales team will provide the quotation and contract can be renewed. Salesforce CPQ helps to prevent business losses in terms of revenue loss and better customer satisfaction. Business Rules and logic can depend on business to business requirements. Salesforce CPQ makes every step easier, so you and your sales team close deals faster.

MDQ – Salesforce CPQ will provide the Multi-Dimensional Quote feature. You can deliver several different discounts based on Date, Price, and Quantity even without changing the line item of the Quote.
Salesforce CPQ provides features of the approval feature, where the employee needs to approve any changes or discounts offered by the supervisor. It’s based on the rule which will apply at organization level configuration


There is a different kind of approval process available in the Salesforce, which can be used based on the business need.

Smart Approvals

If an approver or approval group has already approved a quote and it gets rejected in a higher tier, the same approver or approval group isn't required to reapprove when the Quote is resubmitted. Salesforce CPQ remembers the sequence.

Replacing Approvers

If a specific approver is no longer required to approve quotes, they can be replaced with clicks. This eliminates the need to delve into every single approval process the old approver was a part of to replace them manually.

Requiring Approvals

Reps have complete visibility into what they need to obtain as they work on their quotes, so there are no surprises when they submit for approval.

Delegated Approvers

Used for assigning an approver to take over for someone while they are out of the office.


Salesforce CPQ Order Manager:


When we talk about order management, this would be the complex structure of the system where all the business entities take the participation, and it’s the primary business process.

Let’s take an example – an MNC Manufacturing company that is making the equipment, and they have to provide services around the globe. Companies have to deliver products on time with different time zones and multiple locations, and it can also be a partial delivery at one time.

Salesforce CPQ, AOM allows making such complex quotations with a given condition. There are some key features of the product which make very advance of the process.

Flexible for Evolving Customer- Split the order in multiple orders, which will be linked to the same quote to make the order process faster as it can be easily tracked and process with different products.

360-Degree View of the Customer – Salesforce CPQ managed all the details of the system in very well-mannered such as Contract terms, price, assets, and subscription details also It can be connected to ERP for other fulfilments.

It can be the most critical part of the customer relationship, understanding when and how to engage. With an automated solution that delivers service on time and knows when contracts are up for renewal, all of a sudden, reps can pinpoint these exact times in the customer journey for ideal engagement.

Example of Order Journey – Lets take an example of Online food delivery where same time when you place the order it will notify you along with estimated delivery time, price, tax and other features such what is the coupon code which you can avail within 7 days from today.

  • A lookup to an account
  • Billing Address and Shipping Address
  • Order Start Date and Order End Date to use for provisioning or delivering
  • Total Amount (based on a sum of order product prices)
  • Status

Bases on the pre-configuration, it can estimate all the things. Suppose your shipping address is how much far from the nearest delivery center. It will calculate the time from Map as Salesforce have a partnership with the different companies from which they can provide the best customer experience. With the help of guided sell if the customer selects an order for 4 people. It will calculate the number of items that will be required as essential to complete the meal.


Salesforce CPQ Consulting. Configuration Step

Salesforce CPQ already knows everything about the products, prices, quantities, and starts and end dates. It’s all there in the quote. So with only a few clicks, you can tell CPQ to use that information to generate an Order and all of its Order Products automatically. It makes creating orders faster and more accurate.

Salesforce CPQ provides feature where approval will be required to create from quote to order.


The setting can be changed from installed configuration package.

One opportunity can have multiple of the quote with different items value or price value. If business wants to create order with approved quote which marked as a primary? Salesforce CPQ provides simple functionality where quote will be converted to the order with associated details.

This option allows  sending quotation for the approval as if required approved quote setting set as Y, quote can’t move further journey to order.


Quote will hold a list of products, which is as per the business requirements where if you see in the below screenshot, it will look like the entire product has an inter-relationship. The manual selection of the product could achieve this during quote creation, or process can be improved and create a bundle of the product with the different rules if all products are clubbed together.


A quotation can be converting to the order once checkbox Ordered selected as ‘Y’ and save the record. Salesforce CPQ quickly makes the same copy of the details and product item at the order leve.


A company has a  different kind of services which is varied cost and varied process of order fulfillment which can be clubbed together in the quote. Still, when it is converted to the order business, it expects to split the order into two orders.

Salesforce CPQ provides a solution where one quotation can be split into multiple orders. You don’t need to pick one by one. It can be selected easily from the checkbox.

The product will also be available when selecting the product item in the order, which will notify how much stock we have for the future orders.


Order start date and end date is essential in term of the order start date or contract date and what is the period of the service. The start date of the order can be manually selected or auto-calculated based on the time of the order creation, from the quote date or Salesperson can change the date as per business requirement.

To make it easier, Salesforce CPQ has provided a feature of grouping the product line item to create a quote. The user has just to select the particular group which holds a set of Product, and it can be easily added.

To create a group user needs to click on the edit Line on the quote record.


It will provide an option to select the product directly from the available product or select the group already present. We can also create a new group with a set of required products. By click on add group, and the number of products can be selected. It will allow the sales team to work fast with more customers as now select a quote product item is just a min work.


When we click on the edit button to create order from the quote, we can select multiple orders with the help of the created Group.

As per the below screenshot, the checkbox should be marked if we are creating a quote from Group.


The second way to split the quotation into multiple orders is based on the product family. This process mostly used by the company to split with a different order from the quotation. Order By can classify the product item, and based on that, different sets of orders will be created automatically, which can be developed as per the business requirement. Salesforce provides some predefined value for the order by picklist, which can be extended as per business need.


There are a number or condition based on nature, family, or category of the product can be divided.  The company receives a request from the customer where the customer is looking for the Laptop, laptop accessories, and Printer. If you provide a single quotation for all the products where all the details of the product will be available, when this quote is converted into the order, it can be divided into two orders. One for Laptop and accessories, and the second one is for Printer as both have a different classification. It will make it easy to fulfill the order management cycle as the first order is a set of interrelated products. That should be delivered at the same time. However, if Printer or let us take the example customer requested for the printer colors,  both will combine as it’s the same set of products and interdependently.

We can use fancy automation to create split orders automatically, or you use the Create Order button to select order products manually, you can count on Salesforce CPQ to make order generation fast and accurate.

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