Automate Your Business Processes with Salesforce


 Every company must cope with multiple business processes simultaneously, balance between them, and prioritize. But no aspect should be overlooked to stay competitive. This problem is solved in two ways: by expanding the staff and spending additional costs or by automating the business process.

The introduction of a high-quality CRM platform helps to tame all work tasks, harmonize multiple business processes, and lead the company to success. Salesforce CRM is recognized as the market leader. The platform includes several products:

  • Marketing Cloud for organizing and conducting effective advertising campaigns.
  • Service Cloud for first-class customer service.
  • Sales Cloud – a set of tools to increase sales.
  • Community Cloud – a tool for productive communication with partners and customers.

Salesforce also recently launched the Einstein Cloud solution, which aims to support the above products and options using artificial intelligence to achieve this goal.

You can learn more about every solution on the official website under Salesforce Products. And to learn how to work with these tools, the free training platform Trailhead will help you to realize your plans and achieve the desired results.


Basic Ways to Automate a Business Process Using Salesforce CRM


Based on the specifics of the business process, Salesforce offers two main options for implementing your ideas within this CRM:

  1. Declarative settings.
  2. Individual programming.

Every path has specific features and characteristics. Let’s deal with these nuances more closely.


Declarative Settings in Building a Business Process Salesforce


Many options in the Salesforce process are available immediately after product installation. These are basic functions that do not require lengthy setup, special knowledge, and professional programmer intervention. The list of the basic functionality of Salesforce CRM includes multiple business processes and tools for them. All of them are aimed at high-quality communication within the team as well as at promptly solving problems of service, sales, and marketing.


Individual Programming


The Salesforce API will allow you to expand or update the basic functionality, thereby making CRM unique to your business. To add more functionality and personalize the system, you’ll have to turn to developers who can code in Visualforce, Apex, and Lightning. With the help of individual programming, you can add integration with external systems and synchronize data, render PDF documents, customize the design of forms and tables in the user interface, etc.


Salesforce Process Benefits


Business process automation with Salesforce becomes the driving force that keeps competitors far behind your back. The term “automation” itself seems too complicated and confusing, but it is behind it that the opportunities that will allow a business to grow and develop are hidden. In particular, the automation business process with Salesforce implies that after the implementation of CRM and setting up all the necessary options, a lot changes in the company:

  1. The effectiveness of marketing campaigns is improved, as well as the sales cycle.
  2. Notifications and reminders are automatically sent to potential customers; there are more points of contact of the customer with the product before the purchase.
  3. The sales cycle is improving by enhancing the accuracy of marketing forecasts. Your company will have a chance to effectively predict the results of marketing activities and build further strategies based on this.
  4. The quality of customer service is improved as managers can send out personalized responses to customers as soon as possible. Improving interaction with customers increases their loyalty, which has a positive effect on the future activities of the company and its reputation.
  5. The use of the business process in Salesforce leads to improved business communications. It becomes faster and easier to answer questions, respond to urgent problems, and close deals.
  6. Every Salesforce process helps streamline the processing of work documents, eliminates tons of inefficient paperwork, and concentrates company forces and resources on things that really matter for business growth and development.

All of this is made possible by Salesforce process tools: process and flow designers, approvals, and workflow. All these options work together to ensure that every company automating multiple business processes can achieve its goals.


Automation Tools


Understanding the tools for automating a business process will help you understand how these functions lead a company to the desired result.

  1. Approvals in Salesforce CRM are a feature for adding customers to a shared database. So, you can write down their phone numbers, addresses, make notes, and leave comments on every entry. All this together helps to not only conduct analytics but also make the potential audience become real customers of the company.
  2. With the process builder, you can track order status, sales data, and other useful information.
  3. The Working Salesforce process option is one of the most popular CRM functionality. This tool is necessary for creating reminders, forwarding tasks to the sales department, communicating between sales representatives, etc.
  4. And finally, to track all interactions between the company and customers, as well as for all sales staff to see this entire cycle, you need a tool like Flow Builder. This is a visual structure of your sales funnel, which will help you prioritize and understand what nuances you need to elaborate more actively.

All these tools are aimed at making business easier and more efficient as well as at relieving employees of the administrative work and focusing all efforts on increasing sales and the success of your business.