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Salesforce Development Company

Peeklogic, the Salesforce Development Company – was founded on September 1,  2015, and currently is headquartered in Austin, TX, USA with production teams in Ukraine.

Peeklogic is Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, has around 90 Salesforce Certificates on board, 3 own products -AppExchange applications.

Our Mission

We help our clients to improve and grow. The main goal of the Peeklogic team is to make your business flows time and cost effective and general efficiency of your Salesforce apps.

We use our own development strategies and effective methods to build custom applications.

Our Values

Peeklogic also helps to configure, modernize and customize your apps. In addition, we can incorporate the ERP system modules in an already created Salesforce system.

Our Quality Assurance service is available at any point in the development process, as well as technical support.


Reach the New Business Heights with Peeklogic

What if we told you that your already existing Salesforce application could be renovated and upgraded? We use the most effective elements and widgets to enhance your business operations. It is also possible to facilitate the process of analyzing large volumes of information.

Our Salesforce professionals have all the required certificates and a fund of experience in building IT solutions for a large variety of business fields. We render the first-class services of creating convenient and accessible cloud-based tools within Force.com. Alongside Salesforce technologies, we specialize in a number of JavaScript frameworks.

We are proud to offer professional Salesforce CRM development from the very initial point and up to the end of production.

The Best Solution for your Business

Here, at Peeklogic, we value all clients and put our hearts and brains into making their dreams a reality. Working in the closest collaboration turns out to yield the best fruit. Together, we can come up with a successful idea and put it into practice to achieve mutual benefit.

To that end, we follow both current market trends and our clients’ competitors and generate win-win strategies to build a truly excellent product.

Salesforce Development Company
Our Professional Team is Ready to Face any Tough Call

Due to the professionalism of our developers, we can tackle any of your business challenges in the handiest and most economically sound way. The strategies we rely on are efficient and safe. We can help you with the implementation of:

  • Top innovations in users’ access, compliances, and various risks;
  • Data safety and privacy protection;
  • Advanced customer support (including upon finishing our work on your application);
  • Professional and up-to-date advertising campaigns;
  • Enhanced communication technologies.
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Our Competence in Salesforce Dev

If you are looking for a Certified Salesforce Development company, then look no further


The ROI of financial companies increases thanks to CRM solutions developed by our specialists. We work on both process automatization and reaching out to new clients. While you enjoy all the benefits of a cloud-based CRM for the sector, our team will assist you all along the way.


We create CRM for multiple manufacturing enterprises to boost their productivity and promote their further progress. Our professionals will consult you on every issue, no matter from which manufacturing world your company comes from.

Medical Care

A healthcare CRM solution is a convenient tool that facilitates interacting with patients, as well as routine workflow. The team has a lot of skills and knowledge in building top-flight apps in this area of activity.

Creating Custom Applications

Our developers specialize in building custom apps that are tailored to solve various tasks from enhancing user experience to increasing business productivity in general.

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01. Care About User

We care deeply about user convenience and accessible tools, which is why we create universal solutions

02. Flexible Solutions

We offer our customers flexible solutions and a wide range of options to choose from

03. Certified Professionals

Our team consists of certified professionals. Our Account Manager provides constant support and guidance in any project

04. Follow Best Practices

We always follow all the guidelines and standards required in coding

05. Close Work

We value transparency and trust in working with our clients. We take into account all your conditions and desires in order to develop a perfect Salesforce CRM solution

06. Easily Combining

Salesforce features and apps created by our team can be easily combined with other codes and interfaces